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Even on stormy days, Seven Stars Bakery on Broadway gleams with yellow tilework, shining glass and, of course, delicious golden pastries. The best part is, Seven Stars dedicates itself to wholly New England-based products, which sets it apart from the more chain-y coffee options out there.

Are you craving some Providence-made cheese, or maybe some coffee from Pawtucket? All you have to do is stroll on down to the corner of Broadway and Knight Street on the West End and order a quick snack from behind the counter. Seven Stars prides itself on its use of local ingredients, and it’s hailed as one of the best places to satisfy your tummy’s locavore cravings. On the hunt for the best latte in the city? You might have found it. Did you know it pairs impeccably well with a savory cheddar cheese biscuit? No? Well, you do now!

This café and bakery is right smack in the center of the West End, and is as busy as you’d expect. There are people of all ages and types mingling both inside and out. It’s not unusual to see a businessman in full suit walk in and order a coffee, then sit down and start typing away on his laptop while a kid with bright-red hair skateboards up to the front door and asks about what types of cookies were baked today.


And if you’ve ever been a fan of latte art, Seven Stars gets you. Julia Dearden, one of Seven Star’s assistant managers, guarantees that every barista has been well-trained in the art. It’s one thing she thinks sets Seven Stars apart from other caffeine options. Not only can you get something that’s delicious, but Seven Stars can assure you that it’ll be just as beautiful in the cup as it is on your taste buds.

Seven Stars also makes a point not to install Wi-Fi in any of their cafes. Dearden says it’s just one of the ways the café encourages people to “just sit next to someone and start a conversation,” adding to what she calls the “friendly, welcoming neighborhood bakery” vibe.

So sit down, grab some pastry and take in everything that Seven Stars is known for next time you’re strolling down Broadway.

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