West End Neighborhood Profile

Provlandia: Urban Agriculture on the West End

If you are what you eat, then West Enders are hyper-local, fresh and progressive. Providence has been on a long and interesting urban agricultural trip that hasn’t even begun to peak. Although it’s not a new concept, urban gardening and farming has been gaining momentum in the city over the past decade or so, especially […]

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West Broadway Neighborhood Association

When I enter the West Broadway Neighborhood Association (WBNA), practically situated right on Westminster St in a former gas station, the first thing to greet me isn’t a human, but a massive dog. He’s some sort of mastiff mutt, a gentle giant whose overly large body holds up an impossibly larger head that nearly reaches […]

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Seven Stars Profile

Even on stormy days, Seven Stars Bakery on Broadway gleams with yellow tilework, shining glass and, of course, delicious golden pastries. The best part is, Seven Stars dedicates itself to wholly New England-based products, which sets it apart from the more chain-y coffee options out there. Are you craving some Providence-made cheese, or maybe some […]

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Broadway Brunch

In the warmer months, you’d be hard-pressed to drive down Broadway on a weekend around midday without spotting pockets of pedestrians running amok. Clusters of hungry brunchers of all ages congregate because, per capita, the West Side is quite possibly the best destination in all of Providence when it comes to brunch options. There isn’t […]

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Broadway: A Slice of Providence’s Music Scene

As you trek through Broadway, you’ll notice an array of musical possibilities that are pretty darn close to downtown. Broadway boasts two exceptional record shops: The Analog Underground and Armageddon Shop. It also has one of the best (at the very least the most vintage) music venue in Providence: The Columbus Theatre, which is the […]

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A West Side Story

Long ignored by many in favor of the italophile strip just north, the West Side of Providence is considered by many to be the city’s up-and-coming place to live, eat and drink. We’re talking about the stretch of land south of Federal Hill, but everything on and north of Westminster. To the west, it’s carved […]

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Pub Amble: Brunch by Day, Pub by Night

One Wednesday after a house-gathering with friends, several guys said they were going to The Grange for live music and drinks. “Wait,” I said. “The Grange? On Broadway?” “Yes.” “You’re talking the vegetarian brunch place?” “Yes.” “They’re open at night?” And thus began my epiphany: The restaurants we go to on weekend mornings for Bloody […]

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The Women of the West End

Nothing sounds more terrifying or satisfying to me than starting a small business. There is a certain dedication needed to turn a passion into a business opportunity and the risk can far outweigh the rewards. Though if done right, those rewards can be plentiful. The West End Girls is a group supporting female-owned businesses from […]

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