Pin Up: House of Mood’s Sophia Minx


What is House of Mood?
The House of Mood is a unique art space and platform for the local art community. We embrace creativity in all its forms, and live to perform and express ourselves! We have monthly themed variety shows, this month, of course, being our BOOlesque Halloween Show on Saturday, October 21! We absolutely love what we do.

How did you get involved with it?
When I moved back to Newport from NYC in 2014, I was craving a creative and physical outlet to continue my pursuit of becoming a professional pole dancer. After doing my research, I found Jennifer Kennedy. She was warm and welcoming, and didn’t waste any time getting me involved. So I joined JMK Entertainment, moved to Providence, and have been with the Fringe Follies here ever since.


What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?
Costumes and scary stories. I absolutely love seeing what people come up with, and am a total sucker for ghost hunting videos and shows.

What was your favorite costume ever?
Ooh — this is tough. It’s got to be a toss up between Lt. James Dangle from “Reno 911,” or Alice from Resident Evil 3. Both were insanely fun for very different reasons.

What kind of candy do you give trick or treaters? 
I’m all about the caramel and chocolate thing, so Twix, Milky Way, 100 Grand and definitely Milk Duds. Maybe a caramel apple.

Tell us a secret!
I peed my pants at a haunted house when I was 11, and had to sit on a tarp in the trunk of our SUV on the drive home. Now it’s not a secret anymore.