2023 Inaugural Spoken Awards – Nominees

Motif Spoken Word Awards

Spoken words have power – to spread ideas, create new thoughts, spin up ideas, or even just amuse or entertain. They are the OG medium of communication, artistic expression and journalism.
To recognize the practitioners of art forms such as spoken word, storytelling and stand-up comedy, Motif is embarking on a new kind of awards show / community gathering.

The first ever Spoken Awards will take place at the end of Funda Fest, on Friday, Feb 3, 6:30pm. at R1 Indoor Karting (100 Higginson Ave, Lincoln – ample parking, just a few minutes ride from PVD). Voting is open now at And as it’s the first time we’re doing these, write-in votes will be especially important, so please take a moment to help out!



The event will feature live spoken word performances, storytelling and improv, as well as a recognition ceremony. We hope you can join us!


Here are the nominees:

Spoken word

Free verse

Ashley Rae
Astrid Drew
Brian Shovelton
Clarise Annette Brooks
Devin Samuels
Jill Miller
Juan Wilson
Ryk McIntyre
Sarah Lopes
Shay Alexi

Social Justice

Chachi Carvalho
Christopher Johnson
Ginay Lopes
Justice Ameer
Marlon Carey
Mr. Orange Live
Rudy Rudacious
Jared Paul


Adam Fontaine
Adi Gamache
Cyprus Weaver
Eugenie Rose
Halima Ibrahim
Lourdes Nicolella


Brian Beaudoin
Brieana Woodward
Doug Key
Dutchess SS
John Perrotta
Liz Moniz
Ray Harrington
Tyler Hittner
Karen O’Donnell
Katie Arroyo

Comedy: new voices

Cory Guglietti
Matt Pardy
Pat O’Neal
Shyam Subramanian
Steve Goyer

Favorite event / night

Flex Your Talent
Langston Hughes Community Poetry Reading
Pawtucket Poetry
Providence Poetry Slam
Spoken Word Poetry Series, at New Harvest Coffee
SWAP meet
Tell Your Truth, at Troop PVD

Narrative music / Hip-Hop / Rap

Bill Harley
Chachi Cavalho
An Artist Named Flizz
Marlon Carey
Regie Gibson
Spocka Summa

Favorite Producer

Damont Combs (Mr. Orange Live)
Fallon Masterson
JanCarlos Terrero (Slitty)
Jaybird Walker
Juan Wilson Jr.
Lori Minuto
Sarah Lopes
Windsong Hadley



Comedy Open Mic at Askew
Funda Fest
Live Bait: True Stories From Real People
Masquerade (by NiLa78)
Pecha Kucha
Stranger Stories
Tell Newport

Personal Story

Andi Flax
A.R. Castellano
Bill Harley
Fallon Masterson
Joan Bailey
Clarissa Walker
Len Cabral
Thawn Harris
Valerie Tutson


Courtney Edge-Mattos
Marlon Carey
Ray Rickman
Rochel Coleman
Ryk McIntyre


Keith Munslow
Len Cabral
Mark Binder
Ramona Bass Kolobe
Valerie Tutson