Stop, Rock and Roll: Recent local music releases

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Stop, Rock, and Roll! Congratulations, you made it through the first month of the year! Hopefully some local music was the soundtrack to the past month, because there was a plethora of new releases throughout January. Narrowing it down to five entries was a challenge, but here are five recent RI releases that I think you ought to check out!

Nick Duane “Rain”

Airy synths, laid-back drums, and lilting piano introduce this song by Nick Duane. Eventually, jagged guitar chords cut in with Duane’s voice, which has an authentic 80’s raspiness to it. The song really hits its groove around the minute mark, and doesn’t lose it for the rest of its duration. A heartfelt delivery and accomplished production really knock this track out of the park.

Lucy Coykendall – “Oil Field Girls”

This song is a tale of two cities. The first half or so features watery guitars, ambient synths, and Coykendall’s expressive vocals. However, just as the listener begins to lean back into these vibes, the air erupts with pounding drums, a melodic bass, and a shredding lead guitar. The genre of shoegaze is a tough one to pull off, but Coykendall and her band truly nailed it here.


Planet Mercury – “Helpless”

Planet Mercury are back with a brand new pop-punk anthem. The quartet, who just finished a small run of shows in California, have once again proved their prowess. Starting over sunny acoustic guitar and piano, vocal harmonies tell an honest tale of introspection. The song slowly builds up, almost sounding like surf rock before crescendoing into a speedy cavalcade of pop-punk rhythms.

Chance Emerson – “Angela”

The anticipation for this track was high, since it’s been a live favorite for some time. Opening with vocals wrapped in sonic gauze, Emerson’s unmistakable voice stands triumphantly over acoustic guitar. The chorus kicks in with punchy drums and spacious synths before things get even louder, with jangling, powerful electric guitar sweeping over everything. The dynamic changes kept this listener intrigued.

Marou – “Haunted”

Found on bandcamp, this song immediately invites the listener in with Marou’s softly strummed guitar and distinctive voice. Each word paints a picture, and vocal harmonies add extra weight. The psychedelic sonic landscape is enhanced with a tremolo effect added to the guitar. It is, despite its major key, a haunting song, as the title suggests, and it keeps the listener hooked all the way through.