St. Patrick’s Day 2013

“Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s day.”  Hell, most of Rhode Island is Irish every other day of the year too (how many Katie’s do you know, really?).  That being said, there will be plenty to do around the area this coming weekend.

Whether you’re thing is Irish food, traditional Celtic music, partying in a a room of 200 people called Sullivan, parades or consuming as much beer as humanly possible, there is something for everyone.

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St. Patrick was a Brit kidnapped by Irish raiders way back in the day where he was held captive for 6 years. He achieved saint-hood by driving all of the snakes from Ireland. Except there were never any snakes in Ireland…
After the great potato famine of the 1840’s, hundreds of thousands of Irish flocked to Rhode Island…I mean America…

St. Patrick’s day is a religious holiday that falls during the Liturgical season of Lent to commemorate the life and death (March 17,  461 AD) of the Patron Saint of Ireland. Though Catholic mass is still held every March 17, the holiday is sparsely regarded as religious.

Source: The History Channel
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