These Aren’t Grandma’s Cookies

Patients can use their medical marijuana in numerous ways, but one of the most trending methods is eating it. Medible (medicinal edibles) use has risen to a new level on the East Coast; patients aren’t limited to just consuming brownies anymore. Caregivers can specialize in what patients need, whether a bite-sized medicated treat or even a medicated barbecue sauce. There are many ways to make these edibles, along with multiple ways of preparing and creating these tasty treats. First, a patient or caregiver needs to determine what part of the plant they will use for the edibles. To make a light edible, caregivers may use trimmings from their plants, such as the sugar leaves (leaves coated with thc crystals). For a heavily medicated treat, they may use the buds of the plants or even a concentrated form of THC, such as dry ice hash or kief. Even the stalks and fan leaves of the plant can be used to make salves, lotions, protein powders and more!

After a patient or caregiver chooses what part of the plant they will use for an edible, it’s time to find a medible recipe, which could require infusing the cannabis material into a fatty substance such as butter, coconut oil or even heavy cream. If a patient or caregiver wanted to make cannabutter, the process is simple. Combine an ounce of ground cannabis buds, 1 pound of butter and a cup of water and then let that simmer for roughly four hours. After the cannabis has infused, strain the butter and store it in the fridge for roughly three hours to allow the cannabutter to separate from the water. Once it has separated, poke a hole in the butter, and drain the water underneath the cannabutter. You can also infuse coconut oil with hash or kief by combining the medicinal product with the oil and heating it to 225 degrees Fahrenheit for roughly two hours.

For cannabis sugar, dissolve cannabis hash or kief into alcohol. After it has dissolved in the alcohol, add sugar to the mixture and let it dissolve. Pour the mixture onto a sheet tray and bake it in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour to an hour and a half. You will be left with a sheet of sugar and can either break it into smaller pieces or sift it so it becomes a sugary consistency again.

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