Tiny Bar, Big Punch: Our cocktail expert kicks off her summer patio tour

Clarified Piña Colada at Tiny Bar

This month I took it upon myself to explore some local patios. I know, it’s very heroic of me, but I do it for you all! 

I’m not a Providence local and I’ve only been in the city since August 2020. I picked a really great time to move to a new city, once again, I know! But since the vaccine has become more circulated and we are all safer as and the world opens up again, I’ve gotten to explore this gorgeous city more and more, and I’m loving what I’m seeing. 

I had a great experience at Tiny Bar in April, so when they launched their summer menu in May, I went back to try some of the new cocktails. The staff was friendly, attentive and efficient. And the drinks – the drinks! I came for one and I had … well, more than one. I started with one of their staples: the Clarified Piña Colada. This was a light interpretation of a classic Piña Colada, with all the flavors you expect but without the heaviness of a traditional Piña Colada. It was so light and delicious – it went down almost too easily! 


Phoenix Down at Tiny Bar

Next, I tried the Phoenix Down, made with poblano liqueur, tea-infused rye, lemon, pineapple and cinnamon simple syrup. This was my favorite cocktail of the day. While it could have been a palate ruining drink with heavy spice, the genius behind this cocktail, bartender Birk Wozniak, made it balanced with a hint of herbal wood from the tea and cinnamon. Pineapple is a tough ingredient to work with in that it tends to easily overpower other flavors, but the spice of the poblano liqueur blended well with the pineapple, which was lit up by the bright lemon. Every time I took a sip, I tried to identify another one of the complex flavors. It was a really gorgeous drink: savory, spicy and sweet. I could’ve had a pitcher! 

What I’m saying is that Tiny Bar’s tiny attention to detail pays off, in more ways than one, I’d highly recommend you visit them. This summer you can also expect pop-ups and live music! So follow Tiny Bar on Instagram for all their big news and enjoy the al fresco patio this summer!