EDM Event Preview: The Party of the Season

In advance of next weekend’s much-anticipated Tight Crew event, Toy Story 3, I want to take a stab at peer pressuring you into marking your calendars, buying your tickets and bedazzling your things in advance of this dope-ass event. The party will go down at Fête, where the Crew has held many of their wildly successful (and often, sold out) celebrations. If that hype alone ain’t enough for you, these oughta’ be.
Electronic music fans will be impressed by headliners DJ Dara (drum & bass from NYC), DJ LadyFaith (hardstyle from LA) and Le Castle Vania (electro-house from Georgia). Party co-hosts Keither and Soappy will both be spinning this event (pulling double duties as usual). Soaps will take us into a psychedelic trance, while Keith will speed things up with a sound he describes as “ADD core.”
Vets on the scene should be happy to hear that luxurious amenities that we can’t get enough of, including fresh fruit (really) and a designated kandi-making area (complete with all the fixings to make some cute stuff to wear and trade), will be at this event. On the other hand, first time ravers/Tight Crew eventgoers can also enjoy the little things that make a big impression, such as the gang’s confetti and co2 cannons. Toy Story 3’s toy-themed costume contest has cosplayers covered, too (the winner takes home a special prize pack).
Whether you’ll be rolling deep or solo to Toy Story 3 on April 9 at Fête, one thing is for sure: You and the rest of your respective “squad” will have plenty to do, see and experience at this all-ages event.
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