Undividing America: Editorial

Today, many people believe that the United States is deeply divided, and that makes us weak and vulnerable to manipulation. Social media and the pandemic have made it easier to stay in our comfort zones of home, friends, family, churches — among folk who think and look like “us.”

The metaphor of America as a melting pot doesn’t work anymore. No one wants to merge and abandon their core identity.

I propose reformulating our recipe as a well-seasoned gumbo; you can still taste each individual ingredient, and the entire dish becomes something extraordinary.

Working on this issue of Motif has moved me, and directly connected me with people I would never bump into in the Zuckerverse or Twitterblog. I hope the stories and images inspire you to get out and meet someone who is different.

Let us know what you think — and what you’d like to see next in Motif.

Thanks for reading.