White Christmas possible, but not likely

At Providence, two periods of precipitation, the first Fri 4:00am-11:00am and the second Sat (Christmas Day) 4:00am-11:00pm, could put a tiny amount of snow on the ground at some point.

The first period is likely to be snow but little accumulation is expected, at most a fraction of an inch. The second period could begin as snow or sleet, but is expected to be all rain by Sat 9:00am, likely ending Sat night but possibly persisting into Sun midday.

If there is a ground covering of snow on Sat morning around 7:00am that qualifies as a traditional “Write Christmas,” but temperatures above freezing Fri afternoon likely will melt any earlier accumulation.

The median accumulation forecast in the city is 0.1 in, with probabilities 71% for at least 0.1 in, 1% for 1 in, and near 0% for 2 in.