Here Comes the Zombie Bride!: 10th Annual Providence Zombie Night Presents A White Wedding of Walking Dead

Hell’s bells will be ringing this Saturday in downtown with the living dead in attendance once again for the annual Providence Zombie Night. Hosted by the Reverend Al Mighty, thousands of blood-spattered ghouls will gather together at the Quarantine Zone Block Party for a night of dance, burlesque and many other creepy surprises.  What started as small zombie party of two dozen strolling through downtown has now grown into over 5,000 fiends.  One of the many unique events of the city, it separates itself from corporate sponsorships and political movements. “There’s always something that’s different about Zombie Night,” said Rev Al. “It’s just a party for the people.”

All are welcome to the Dark Lady, who will be shutting down Snow Street for the October 22 event with an 8pm start, to attend the first ever official Zombie Night wedding. Carla Patalano and Rich Huebner will tie the knot of leftover intestines at 8:30pm sharp with the bride being given away “The Walking Dead” Michonne-style. “We just want people to have good time and be in the spirit,” said Carla. “[The Dark Lady staff] have been so fabulous! [It’s] just beyond how gracious and accommodating they are!” As Rev Al points out, “When do you get to see a bunch of zombies at a wedding? That’s going to be a first!”

Following the wedding will be the crowd favorite Boolesque, a horror-themed burlesque featuring Bettysioux Tailor, Zombie Night’s first-ever performer. Returning from last year will be entertaining Dot Mitzvah and the enigmatic Kurt Fowl. Making her Boolesque debut will be the awesome Maiden X. Previous performances featured everything from bloody bubble baths to green toxic goo to severed fingers pulled out from ‘strange places.’


The wild attire worn by the performers always competes with those of the zombies over the years. From celebrities to fictional characters, Zombie Night has played hosts to the undead versions of Ronald McDonald, Mr. & Mrs. Claus, Ghostbusters, Michael Jackson, Spy vs. Spy and even Lego Man. This year many will not be hungry for brains, but cold hard cash. A $666 cash prize is being given to the best and most original zombie — so the challenge is set!

As a special thank you for attending the wedding and the start of the Boolesque, admission for the 21+ event will be free from 8 to 10pm! Once you have your wristband, you may come and go as you please to feast upon the living and return for more drinking and dancing with DJ Joey Dee. As always, the one rule every year given by Rev Al is that “douchebags will be eaten on sight.” So bring the good spirits and leave the nasty ones in their graves.

After a decade of the dancing dead, will this be the final year of Zombie Night?

“Ten years throwing the same party is an awesome thing, but sometimes things should end when they’re still great,” said Rev Al. He said it all depends on the feedback he gets, so everyone should be there. If you’ve missed it in the previous years, then this is the big one not to miss!

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