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Heat Advisory – Dangerous heat index Thu, Fri: Thunderstorms possible Fri, Sat

A Heat Advisory is effective Thu 11am–Fri 8pm in RI, MA, and CT for dangerous heat index (combination of heat and humidity) up to 100F. The body loses the ability to regulate its temperature by evaporating sweat, possibly causing severe illness such as heat stroke, which is life-threatening. The heat index is an estimate of […]

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Fashion Flashback: This summer is all about rebooting the ‘90s—and not just the cartoons!

One of the most popular fashion trends to make a comeback this summer—as with everything else nowadays—is the ‘90s. That’s right, boys and girls! Grab your butterfly clips and hang onto your low-waisted jeans because Y2k is back and ready to party. With everything from neons to vintage band-tees and even the (dreaded) micro-mini skirt […]

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Squid’s Ink: Top 10 Whines and Breaking News…

Before we get to our Top 10 Whines, this just in… Our hackers uncovered  three subversive plots! One comes from a cowardly corporation, and another by what we call the “shallow state” government… RI’s own CVS is renaming itself “Craven Venal Sellout” and has decided to follow the lead of WalMart, by allowing pharmacists to […]

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Something Weird This Way Comes: NecronomiCon PVD is revived

NecronomiCon Providence is a four-day convention held in the city Aug 18-21, calling itself the “International Festival of Weird Fiction, Art, and Academia.” Previously held every two years since 2013, due to the pandemic it skipped 2021 and resumes in 2022. The name is a pun combining the “con” of convention with the fictional “book […]

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The Why Behind PVD World Music: An interview with founder Chance Kinyange Boas

If you live in PVD, you might have seen Chance Kinyange Boas around town. He’s typically filming performers being showcased at a PVD World Music event, either at Machines with Magnets, at the Columbus Theatre, at the Roger Williams Park Zoo, at the Farm Fresh Farmers Market or at Long Live Beerworks (he’s everywhere!). If […]

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