A Thanksgiving Playlist: This Thanksgiving may be different than usual, but that doesn’t mean it won’t rock


Looking forward to the holidays this year is complicated, to say the least. It’s probably safe to say that everyone is at least a little frustrated, jaded and fatigued from the state of the world right now. But I’ve put together something that might help. Below, you’ll find an eclectic playlist packed to the brim with alternative rock, folk-pop, and ballads by some of the best bands and artists Rhode Island has to offer. 

This playlist consists of bands and artists that I’ve recently featured or likely will feature very soon. I’ve done my best to pick songs that might nicely complement a turkey dinner, but there are some good, energetic rock songs in here too. So crank up the oven, turn on the stove, and dial the music up loud. Soon, you’ll forget why this completely crazy year was bumming you out in the first place. 


Songs you’ve heard by bands you need to know about:

“Valerie” is covered first by pop-punk alt-rock band Jelly Side Down, and you’ll love how they’ve injected more energy into this originally more relaxed tune. After that, your ears will be treated to “Livin’ la Vida Loca” covered by alt-pop band Hello Atlantic. It sounds similar to the original, but angsty-er somehow. The vocals are full of longing, much more dramatic than the original. And finally, I’ve included on this list “It’s Gonna Be Me” also covered by Hello Atlantic. This one is much more techno-rock, with chugging guitars bouncing off the electrified effects. It’s a tall order to cover a generational classic, but they pulled it off so well!

Bright and cheery folk tunes to keep your spirits up: 

Basically anything by local singer-songwriter Lauren King should do the trick, as well as some of the music from Cavalier, Mountainess and grizzlies. These ones speak to the soul, sparking that nostalgic vibe that always seems to come on full force during the holiday season. Ideal for mealtime and thinking about what you’re grateful for this year – see especially “Keep Marching On” or “Attention.” Maybe you’ll even get a new perspective on this difficult season and find a new passion or two. 

A little alternative rock to keep you out of a turkey coma:

While you got that full belly and you’re trying to stay awake long enough to partake in dessert, tune in to the more energetic songs that are full of intrigue and intricate instrumentalism. My personal favorite of these might be “Ashes” by Mandi Crimmins, or maybe “In the Open” by Familiar Spaces. All of the songs in this category will get your blood pumping and distract you from any bad vibes. At the end of the day, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to sleep off all that food you’re undoubtedly going to consume. 

Yes, this year will be at least a little different – but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing – no, not at all. Rather, we can use this time to count our blessings, reconnect with loved ones (safely!) and look forward to future (normal) holidays. 

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