Amanda Grafe

Amanda is an artist/author/illustrator living in Rhode Island. She enjoys the local grub, meeting new people and spreading the word about new and emerging artists. She believes in making the world a better place through love, kindness and eco-friendly alternatives.

The Scoop on French Onion Soup: We rounded up the best options on offer in PVD

The colder months are ahead, and nothing warms bodies like a steamy serving of French onion soup. So our French onion enthusiasts rounded up a variety of some of the yummiest choices around. We restricted our research to Providence restaurants that serve this tasty concoction year-round, though you can find it off-and-on in many other […]

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The Preservation and Education of Art: Justin Bibee on building and sharing art collections

Justin D. Bibee is currently a PhD student at Durban University of Technology in peacebuilding and is a human rights advocate. A Cranston native, Bibee was nominated for the Peace Corps book award. Bibee spent time in the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Morocco for two years and has since explored many different regions. […]

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The Other Side of the Camera: A portrait of photographer Jonathan Beller

Jonathan Beller is a Rhode Island photographer specializing in stills, portraits and editorials. I recently worked with Jonathan and can testify to his professionalism and skill behind the camera. He has had the opportunity to photograph a handful of stars, including one of my favorites, Jason Isaacs, who starred in “Brotherhood,” a series filmed in […]

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WRIK Entertainment’s Rick Lataille opens up about the effects of the coronavirus on the entertainment business

Rick Lataille, the founder and CEO of WRIK Entertainment, has profoundly felt the negative consequences of COVID-19. Lataille, who has made his living off of trivia, karaoke and DJing for local events since 1990, counts on social venues staying open, and his has been one of the many businesses affected by the recent pandemic.   […]

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Stone and Ippolito: On life, death, and photography

Photography is one of mankind’s most interesting inventions. Through cameras, humans can capture moments in time that would otherwise be forgotten. Photography is a documentation of history, experiences and emotion. Photography is the embodiment of life and death and the stopper of time. Photographs can be worth 1,000 words, 2,000 words or tell a whole […]

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