PVD HORROR: A cornerstone of the Rhode Island horror community

Whether you are a hardcore horror fan, new to the genre, or like helping others, you may want to check out PVD Horror. PVD Horror is a group of horror enthusiasts who use their passion to give back to their community. They host movie nights, hold local artist and small business pop-up events, and have a YouTube station and podcast that features horror-themed discussions and interviews with horror filmmakers and actors all in the name of bringing others together.   

PVD Horror was conceptualized in 2015 when founders Dave Lizotte, Brandin Whetstone, and Joshua Dahlin realized they had a lot in common. “When we all met, it was just sort of coincidence that we discovered how much of horror fans each of us were. And, I know for me personally, I had not really met others who were into the genre as much as I, so to meet two other guys who shared the same passion for it really made me realize there’s most likely others. So, the idea came to us to find ways for us to connect with others and have a form of expression for something I had typically hid or kept to myself,” says Lizotte after meeting Dahlin and Whetstone.

Initially, PVD Horror had a hard time getting off the ground. “Due to our crazy work schedules, we could not make it happen at the time,” said Whetstone. However, their passion for the horror genre and its community would not wane and for the next few years Lizotte, Whetstone and Dahlin would persevere to make their dreams a reality. In 2018, PVD Horror took their love of horror to social media and expanded their podcast where they would have an opportunity to interview horror icons such as Tony Todd and Dee Wallace.

“We also had Ben and Derek Johnson (no relation) on the podcast to promote their film Curse Of The Weredeer, which then became a Troma film. After some conversations, we were all invited to Tennessee to work on the film. I hadn’t left my family for more than twenty-four hours ever. After consulting with my wife, I jumped at the opportunity which led to me doing just about every job on set. It was truly amazing how awesome everyone was not only in what they did but teaching each other as we went,” recalls Dahlin. 

When asked what PVD Horror hopes to accomplish, Lizotte says, “On a larger level, we really want to show how amazing the Rhode Island horror scene is while also having as many cool personal experiences as possible. On a local level, we want to build a community in Rhode Island for those that share an interest in the horror genre and one that is not solely for the hardcore horror fan but also one where the casual and ‘novice’ can feel comfortable learning more about the genre. We also want to showcase local artists and help support local small businesses as much as possible.”

After hosting monthly horror movie nights, Lizotte, Dahlin and Whetstone decided to extend their influence by helping their community. Each month PVD Horror raises money to support local animal shelters, Toys for Tots and other regional organizations, crediting the horror community for their success.   

“Honestly, it’s just about giving,” says Dahlin. “Yes, we fundraise for charities, but we also focus on people just trying to make their dreams happen.” Recently, on July 10, 2022, PVD Horror held an artisan show at Buttonwoods Brewery in Cranston, RI, which not only gave horror artists a chance to show off their work, but also helped raise money for North Kingston Pet Refuge.
“We really want to highlight the super talented people in Rhode Island as well as give everyone the opportunity to share their passion for the genre,” Dahlin adds. “Even people mildly interested are always welcome. And let’s be honest, good things happen when you just try to bring everybody together with the goal of helping each other.”

On September 30 PVD Horror teamed up with The Spooky Picture Show Podcast and Coolidge After Midnite for a post-screening Q&A with actor Hal Havins from the film Night of the Demons at The Coolidge Theater in Brookline, MA. In addition, PVD Horror will be hosting Little Shop of Horrors 2 Pop-Up event on October 23 and Rock the Dead Halloween Karaoke October 28, both at Buttonwoods Brewery in Cranston.

“It’s been a crazy four years for PVD Horror, and each one is bigger, better and busier than the last,” says Whetstone. “We’re so grateful for the support from our followers everywhere as well as the loyal local circle we’ve created through our monthly events — the energy is unmatched. We’re also granted opportunities to collaborate with talented artists in the horror community, local businesses and even some of the horror icons we idolized as kids. I’m not sure the three of us could have imagined how PVD HORROR would grow and how quickly it would evolve into a true community — so we’ve truly exceeded what we hoped to achieve. And now that we know what’s possible, we’ve got really big plans for the future.” 

To find out more about these events or to contact PVD Horror you can visit their website or email them at Also feel free to check out their Instagram @Pvdhorror.