Amanda Grafe

Amanda is an artist/author/illustrator living in Rhode Island. She enjoys the local grub, meeting new people and spreading the word about new and emerging artists. She believes in making the world a better place through love, kindness and eco-friendly alternatives.

Hagiography or New Saints

Local Rhode Island artist Norlan Olivo will be displaying his work in the group show Hagiography or New Saints, at Distillery Gallery at 516 East 2nd Street, Boston. As a long-term resident of AS220, Olivo hopes to highlight Providence’s evolution as a collaborative arts community, while challenging some of Providence’s darker undertones. Providence on Fire, the title of […]

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The Intelligent Treatment of Clothing: Reed McLaren on the sustainable wardrobe

Reed McLaren has spent time researching how to make timeless clothing pieces last. Initially helpful in the curation of her exquisite natural material vintage collection, The House of Ama, she now focuses her efforts on exploring this subject matter to help others. McLaren shared some of her knowledge at the Rhode Island School of Design […]

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Royally Creepy Creations: Local artist Jesse King’s art will fuel your nightmares

Jesse King is a self-taught artist living in Rhode Island who turns ordinary children’s toys into freakishly ghoulish monsters. One of King’s creations was recently seen at an event hosted by PVD Horror to benefit The Providence Animal Rescue League. The creepy, razor-toothed bear was extremely popular among the crowd and left attendees wondering where […]

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Pop One Open in Style: Crandon Whitsitt-Lynch and the art of wax casting

Students at Rhode Island College (RIC) may recognize alumni Whitsitt-Lynch as the school’s building technician, but after hours, this former pupil uses his BFA in printmaking skills in the studios of the facility he manages. It is hard not to notice what Whitsitt-Lynch accomplishes in these off hours: beautifully crafted metal bottle openers. And they […]

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From Astronauts to Eyeballs: The Pawtucket Arts Collaborative helps solve the equation “Identity Equals Emotion Plus Time” with six amazing artists

On January 11, 2020, the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative (PAC) was filled with spectators eager to get a look at the new show “Identity Equals Emotions Plus Time.” Curated and headlined by Jeremy Schilling, six artists presented their work exposing philosophical theories about the human experience. At the opening, the large, comfortable mill space was abuzz […]

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A Grand Adventure in Nature Photography at Common Fence Point Center

Deidra Ricci, founder of Grand Adventure Nature Photography, held her first show at the Common Fence Point Center for Arts, Wellness and Community in Portsmouth on Sunday, December 8. Deidra’s captivating stills graced the walls of the center in the form of canvas, framed prints and postcards. Deidra, a travel enthusiast, used the catch phrase “photos […]

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