Ehlayna Napolitano

Ehlayna Napolitano is a reporter and editor who has covered a variety of topics, including local politics as a beat reporter and national topics at an app designed for children. She has a degree from Hofstra University, an incurable love for dogs and history, and an addiction to the 24-hour news cycle.

Portable Magic: New local releases will warm you on cool nights

Whether you’re spending time outside or cozying up with cider and stews this fall, it’s always good to have a book to keep you company. RI authors have you covered with these upcoming releases. Great for Playing Tourist Rhode Island 39 Club: Your Passport and Guide to Exploring Rhode Island, by Martin Podkoch, with contributions […]

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Summer Reading List: These local finds are a perfect hammock accompaniment

Local authors and publishers are always hard at work creating, innovating and, of course, writing. Take any (or all!) of these five selections along to the beach, and get swept away without ever leaving shore. 1. Famous Men Who Never Lived, by K ChessK Chess’s science-fiction novel takes readers through a richly created pair of […]

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Pulp Made Modern: Rhode Island author Robert Isenberg’s supernatural adventure tales modernize the genre

Robert Isenberg fell in love with Pittsburgh. During a 16-year period of living there, and in the years following, Isenberg became a jack-of-all-trades, working as a journalist, a playwright, an actor and a videographer. His dream had always been, he said, to write the next Great American Novel. But somewhere along the way, a new […]

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Immigration Enforcement and Public Schools

As RI settles into another school year, the nation continues to deal with a summer marked by news stories of detention camps, family separations and protests in response to the Trump administration’s immigration policies. According to the American Immigration Council, RI has a large immigrant population, including many immigrants from the Dominican Republic — 30,000 […]

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LIHEAP Helps People Weather Life’s Storms

Though the winter months are over, there is a national program aimed at ensuring that low-income households retain heat and other energy resources throughout the year through federal funding. LIHEAP, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, is a national program administered by the Department of Health and Human Services. According to the Health and Human Services […]

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InvestiGATE: Sunshine Week

Each March, journalists and freedom of information advocates mark Sunshine Week. Sunshine Week, so named because of the Sunshine Act, celebrates freedom of information and encourages communities to understand the public’s right to government information. It is celebrated through activities and events, which are often hosted by nonprofits, libraries and news organizations. In the Sunshine Act, passed […]

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InvestiGATE: The Relationship between Public and Charter Schools

There are 299 primary and secondary schools in Rhode Island, a combination of traditional public schools, charter schools, state-operated schools and a handful of other institutions listed on the state’s reporting. This excludes private schools and other types of alternative educational institutions. According to the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE), there are 30 charter […]

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Medical Marijuana in a Hospital Setting

A hospital stay for a Rhode Island resident meant she was not able to use her physician-directed medical marijuana, which she said resulted in negative physical effects, only cured when she began using it again without hospital staff’s knowledge. RI legalized medical marijuana in 2006, and since then, roughly 19,000 people statewide have received certifications […]

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