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Jake Bissaro

Keep on Movin’: A Sonic Synopsis: Music in mansions? Music in parking lots? Check and check.

For this edition of Keep on Movin’, a rundown on some notable fall happenings. The cooler weather brings a lot of great things to do, and an excuse to get inside and avoid the dreaded EEE menace. Thu, Sep 19 | Ken Stringfellow @ Brown University’s Music Mansion Ken Stringfellow brings his solo tour to an […]

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Keep on Movin’: Pilgrims Progress: The Low Cards’ latest is a huge accomplishment

The Low Cards’ High Brow Blues Providence’s The Low Cards are back with their second album, The Pilgrim’s Wake, an expertly crafted odyssey down their own spiral staircase of melancholy. Thematically ambitious and rewarding of multiple listens, it goes above and beyond what they accomplished with their self-titled debut. Grasping for categorization, the blues comes to […]

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Keep On Movin’: Shoegazing: Lazy Magnet’s strong attraction

Lazy Magnet’s Tide Lazy Magnet is the longtime recording project helmed by PVD musician Jeremy Harris, who began recording music 25 years ago in Swampscott, Mass. The music from his original run ranges from improvisations on the works of John Cage to screamo to a collection of techno songs mostly titled “Pure Psychic Zero” 1-5. […]

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Keep on Moving: What Lies Between: Courtney Swain’s latest heads for high seas

Courtney Swain – Between Blood and Ocean Courtney Swain, the singer and keyboardist for Boston’s experimental rock group Bent Knee, has taken the next step in an impressive solo career with her latest full-length, Between Blood and Ocean. For the type of genre pigeonholing journalists love, Between Blood and Ocean is a formidable task. Citing […]

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Keep on Movin: Penn Sultan’s New Legs: Sultan delivers the first chapter of many

Penn Sultan’s Museum Legs — Traversing the Flat Circle Museum Legs is a new project from Penn Sultan, best known as the frontman for indie folk outfit Last Good Tooth, a live favorite in the area for the better part of a decade. Their first album, Giving the Clock Its Weight, Its Sway, wrestles with […]

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Keep on Movin’: Burn it all Down: Local legends Churchburn do doom and gloom right

This issue, the column takes a decidedly bleaker turn (in a good way), as we make our first foray into metal. Maybe you’re lukewarm on the genre. Perhaps it’s the screaming vocals, heavy guitars, and Satan worshiping that scare you away, not to mention those indecipherable band logos. But there are some very accomplished bands here […]

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Keep on Movin’: Interstellar Insight: Zoink Zulag and the Galactic Shag come in peace

This week, we reach the milestone I assume you’ve all been waiting for: this column finally breaks the surly bonds of Earth and gets some perspective from the rest of the universe. Zoink Zulag and the Galactic Shag The Galactic Shag are a “rogue band of troubadour aliens from universes outside of our own” that have […]

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Keep on Movin’: New Year, New You: Resolve to end your music dry spell this year

I’m already toward the end of my annual “go though an exercise routine for two weeks and pretty much give up” cycle. Enough with having a “dry January;” instead of giving up substances, food or a sedentary lifestyles, why not focus on ending your music dry spell and go experience some quality local tunes? Fine. – […]

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Keep On Movin’: Don’t Feed the Machine: Keep it local, keep it quirky

In these times of religious observances, family obligations and unabashed consumerism, it can be hard not to succumb to the embracing womb of corporate America. But when you’re participating in capitalism this holiday season, try to seek out local sources. You probably won’t be able to avoid supporting our new god Jeff Bezos at some […]

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