Jayna Grant

Nature’s Medicine Cabinet: Fight back against colds with cannabis

Last week I felt it. That refreshing and distinctly cool breeze that whips in and out of the hot summer air and lingers around our shoulders just long enough to remind us that summer is not endless here in New England and… Autumn is coming. Aside from the celebrated decomposing chlorophyll, the onset of fall also […]

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This Way Out: Cannabis as an exit drug from risky pharmaceuticals

“December 2015.” Those words echo in my mind. I hear what feels like a million reverberations of my voice uttering that phrase in response to friends, family and doctors inquiring, “When did it start?” I was hesitant to write about my experience because making sense of my symptoms is difficult; trying to write or speak logically about them […]

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She Cured My Glaucoma with Science!: We know medical marijuana works, but how?

Why does smoking a joint quell the feeling of nausea? Why does eating an edible relieve the sensation of pain? How does CBD offer relief from seizures? The answers to these questions involve a complex internal system called our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Short for “endogenous” cannabinoid system, our ECS is a neuro-modulatory system that works […]

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Terpene Daydream: Learn how this powerful plant part contributes to healing

Terpenes, fondly referred to as “terps,” are fragrant compounds in plants, and in the case of cannabis, they can be found alongside THC and CBD inside the plant’s trichome glands. They contribute to the plant’s medicinal properties and along with flavonoids, are responsible for the aromas that plant gives off. In fact, terpenes are the […]

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How Green Is Your Green? The impact of the cannabis industry on the environmental crisis

Our environment is under attack from all angles, so each one of us must be conscious of and responsible about the products, businesses and business practices we support, and aware of the environmental impact of the things we perpetuate with our purchases. When we opt to utilize cannabis products to treat ailments instead of synthetic […]

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New Business Unfurls: Bobby Nuggz to attend Arctic Smoke Shop’s grand opening

Don’t miss the grand opening of Arctic Smoke Shop in West Warwick on Thursday, March 7, from 4 – 7pm! Located at 17 Washington St. in West Warwick, Arctic Smoke Shop is a women-led company with a commitment to providing their customers with nothing but positive experiences and quality merchandise. The grand opening will feature food, live […]

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Smoking Hot: Our expert tells you how to take your sexual experiences higher with cannabis

Cannabis has a long history of being used to enhance the human sexual experience. Since 700 BC in India, a cannabis drink has been used to heighten sensation and prolong arousal so people can achieve spiritual awakening while engaging in tantric sex focused on “oneness.” In Eastern Europe, cannabis-infused lamb’s fat has been given to […]

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