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Lela Kulkarni

Functional Art on Empire Street: PVDFest sculpture installation encourages socially distant viewing

“Bee Violet” is an outdoor art installation on PVD’s Empire Street that was created by Allison Newsome and Deborah Spears Moorehead. Its patented design, a symbolic metal fish combined with a growing vegetable garden, redefines what is possible aesthetically and environmentally with art.  “It was made on a wing and a prayer,” says Newsome, referencing […]

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Churches to Partially Reopen: Summary of the governor’s May 20 press conference

With Memorial Day around the corner, Governor Gina Raimondo delivered a message that struck a balance between carrying on our daily lives and continuing to take COVID-19 seriously. As usual the governor started with a few numbers: Yesterday 10,000 Rhode Islanders downloaded the new “one-stop-shop” Crush COVID app; today the number of COVID fatalities was […]

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Crush COVID RI App Launched Today: Summary of the governor’s May 19 press conference

Governor Gina Raimondo opened her press conference on the state of COVID-19 in RI with the latest statistics: Today 26 people in RI died from COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths to more than 500, and today 134 more cases of COVID-19 were reported. After giving her condolences to the families of victims, the […]

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Nutritious, Delicious and Very New England: A local produce fan responds to coronavirus

In March, when Providence residents began quarantining themselves, Evan McManamy had a major question on his mind: “How can we ensure people get the food they need?” His answer was to create a delivery service called CartwheelRI, which transports local produce and canned goods to your doorstep. As of this writing, 30 households in Providence […]

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Stay Home: Without shelter, RI’s homeless population struggles with following the state’s directive

For homeless Rhode Islanders, the coronavirus has made a precarious life harder and more dangerous. “Our population is more vulnerable than the general public. The average mortality rate is 49.5 years… The solution is housing,” says Caitlin Frumerie, executive director of the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless. In addition to hardships such as extreme […]

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Sojourner House Expresses Concern About Domestic Violence: Help is needed for those trapped at home with an abuser

Vanessa Volz is the Executive Director of Sojourner House, which provides services and resources to victims of domestic violence and shelter for women and children, who are trying to escape abusive situations. Volz says that since the coronavirus outbreak, Sojourner House has had distress calls from current and new clients because, “People are literally trapped […]

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The Secret Kept by Medical Marajuana Investors: The environmental cost of a high-maintenance crop

Investors in Rhode Island and Massachusetts are willing to spend millions on medical marijuana operations and disregard the environmental impact. “A lot is happening now in the cannabis industry, but not a lot of investors are looking at a sustainable approach. They are mostly looking at their return on investment,” Paul Dean, a consultant to […]

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Breaking it Down: A model for composting in Providence

Twenty-five years ago, when he was a gardener in Providence, Michael Bradlee, the founder of Earth Appliance, asked composting questions of clients, friends and his professional colleagues. He discovered there was a disconnect between the general public’s perception and what people were actually doing. He would hear people say things like, “Oh yeah, I compost […]

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One-Stop-Shop Health: The Blackstone Valley Community Health Center continues to thrive

Since its opening in June, the Blackstone Valley Community Health Center, a “one stop shop” for people’s medical needs, has been steadily working toward its goal to serve the entire Central Falls population (roughly 20,000 people); as of this writing, it has seen 13,000 people. In one place, people can receive mental health care, physical […]

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The State of Health Insurance in Rhode Island: How to get yourself insured in a gig economy

Rhode Island did health insurance right in 2019, but in 2020 it’s going to need fine-tuning. According to Megan Hall, a representative from HealthSource RI, “For health insurance, Rhode Island has an insured rate of 96%.” HealthSource RI is a state government agency that helps Rhode Islanders find insurance. According to a survey conducted by […]

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