Be Part of the Show at Guido’s: Scenes from a Restaurant

radioactiveStarting this weekend, Rhode Island’s own Radioactive Theater Company will debut its latest production: Guido’s: Scenes from a Restaurant.

Written by Rhode Island natives Shannon McLoud and Stephen Nani, Guido’s chronicles the story of love, from the optimism of that first date to depressing reality of life with kids. To set the stage, you’re first treated to a brief comedy routine by local comedian Bill Simas. Simas talks about his parenting woes with hilarious, yet disturbing insight. His raw, honest observations had this writer of Motif’s Alt-Parenting column laughing out loud.

After the comedy show, you meet four couples, each of whom are at various stages of their relationship. As the characters share a cocktail and break bread, they get to know one another on a deeper level and expose their darkest secrets. You, the audience member and fellow diner, get to play voyeur. While much of the dialogue is intentionally over-the-top, a lot of what is said feels eerily familiar. At one time or another, you’ve been one (or all) of them: the overly hopeful dreamer on her first date, the anxious would-be husband getting ready to propose, that awkward first meeting with the future in-laws, or the married couple whose lives are consumed by work and children. That realism makes you feel connected to the characters, despite their extreme and often despicable ways.


The venue is PJ’s Pub in Johnston, so audience members become part of the show; they can kick back with a beer while watching some dysfunctional people take a stab at love. You might even leave feeling slightly better about your own relationship. What’s better than that on a Saturday night?

The show runs on September 13 and September 20. Guests are asked to bring a canned good to benefit the Rhode Island Food Bank. For more information, check out