Motif’s Summer Bucket List

I’m going to find that existential peace that Bodhi tells Johnny Utah about in Point Break and take surfing lessons.

– Marc Clarkin

Start and finish my beer bottle cap table (I’ve collected over 1,500 caps!)

– Khrysta Ryan

Go for a late afternoon Guinness float at Three Sisters.

– Emily Olson

My friend and I always lived for the dumb road trip, which mostly consisted of going to a concert close to (if not more than) 10 hours away, and immediately driving home, regardless of how tired we were. We had a discussion that these road trips, while dangerous, weren’t pointless. We decided to one day drive to a random bar in Delaware, order a cheap beer similar to a Bud Light, and then immediately drive back. I also hope to read “To Kill a Mockingbird” over the summer.

– Bobby Forand

I wish to be there for the lantern festival in Taiwan when they release all of the glowing pods of light to float up into the night sky.
– Cathren Housley
I want to attend a Clasico soccer match between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Nou Camp in Barcelona, and then stroll La Rambla at midnight.
– Phillipe
The WBRU Dunkin’ Donuts Summer Concert Series line-up has just been announced and my calendar is now chock full of fun at my most favorite ticket price – free!
– Marilyn Busch

My summer bucket list item is to have a bbq on the beach and grill up some local Baffoni Farm chicken and Blackbird Farm ribs! I’m loving making my own rubs and grilling sauces at the moment, so to get to chow down on some amazing local food on one of Rhode Island’s beautiful beaches is a must for me!

– Holly Vine

My summer bucket list would be to ride my motorcycle to the West Wall by East Matunuck Beach with my fishing pole sticking up from the back seat. Maybe there would be a pirate flag attached to it. I would catch a huge striped bass, fillet it on the rocks, and return home to cook a locally harvested dinner.

– Luke Taylor

I really, really want to go to one of the wineries around here. Maybe Sakonnet.

– Shannon McLoud

I want to see the fireworks in the Pawsox bleachers in The Bucket before McCoy kicks the bucket.

– Toni Pennacchia

I want to see Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park NYC and play in the Jeffrey Osborne Golf Tourney.

– Gatsby