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Good Trouble: The Womxn Project mixes art with activism in their latest installation series

Art + Activism = artivism. And these artivists are coming from The Womxn Project, a non-profit organization focused on building a feminist, community-based movement to further human rights. Their form of artivism is to display words on businesses around Rhode Island to send a message – one that the community is feeling and one that […]

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School’s in Session: Administrators plan for a return to school as COVID rages on

It’s almost a Rhode Island tradition that schools are the news story of the summer, but this year it’s for a different reason. Governor Gina Raimondo announced in June that she expects all students in Rhode Island to receive in-person instruction at the start of the school year. COVID-19 is still endemic in American life, […]

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Ocean State Placed on Travel Restriction Lists: A summary of the governor’s August 5 press conference

Governor Gina Raimondo, RIDE Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green, and DOH director Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott gave the COVID-19 press briefing today at 1pm. Today’s COVID data is as follows: DOH is reporting 84 new cases since yesterday. “Certainly better than the triple digits we’ve been having,” said the governor. Seventy-nine people are hospitalized for reasons related to […]

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Villains: Ravi Shavi unleash Special Hazards

On their third full-length release, Special Hazards, Ravi Shavi unleash a collection of 14 songs chock full of grooves, trashy surf and classic pop.  Gems like “Going Going Gone” come off like a letter to an old flame with singer/guitarist Rafay Rashid asking, “How’s the city, how’s your mom, do you still have a car, […]

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Phillipe & Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: Nailed it!: Your superior correspondents know food when they see it

Out-thunk During the COVID pandemic, no governor has surpassed Gina Raimondo or New York’s Andrew Cuomo in carrying out hard-assed plans. We are all familiar with Gigi’s now-famous “Knock it off,” and Cuomo seems to take some of his better moves from Raimondo’s playbook. Cuomo is also far from shy. In a recent article, one […]

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Mother, May I?: Kids’ worlds are shrinking and it’s no fun — here’s how parents can help

My kids are in mourning. They miss spontaneous playdates with friends. They miss their out-of-state grandparents’ summer visit. They miss their freedom. And because they don’t have the emotional maturity to articulate those feelings, they bubble over in uncharacteristic and inconsolable bouts of tears, random questions that give me glimpses into their psyches and many, […]

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Precarious Pandemic Predicament: Dying for music, but don’t wanna die for music

Okee dokee folks… I am in a bit of a precarious pandemic predicament. One one hand I REALLY want live music to start happening again; I want to get back to performing, writing about what is coming up, and reviewing and photographing shows. On the other hand I REALLY don’t think it is wise to […]

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My Rhode Island: Photographer and physician Howard Schulman discusses his exhibit

We spoke with Howard Schulman, MD, whose photography show, My Rhode Island, is currently on exhibit at BankRI in downtown Providence through September. Cathren Housley (Motif): Which came first, the photographer or the doctor? Howard Schulman: As far as composing pictures and capturing things I’ve seen, that was definitely something that started after I became […]

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