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Lobstah Rolls 101: Local experts give us the 411 on eating in the 401

To the first human who looked at a lobster and said, “I bet there’s good eatin’ inside that claw,” kudos to them. Lobsters look like giant, prehistoric, water-dwelling vinegaroons, and if you’ve never heard of a vinegaroon, you probably didn’t grow up in the Southwest and were spared the pure terror that comes when finding […]

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The Story Behind the Song about a House: A lyrical comparison of Taylor Swift’s “last great American dynasty” with the real life of “the maddest woman this town has ever seen”

Taylor Swift graced us with her presence back in 2013 by claiming the infamous Watch Hill Mansion as her own. But like many places that have existed (and will exist) long after its current inhabitants are gone, this house has a story – one that makes even the illustrious life of Taylor look dingy and […]

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Emancipation Day in PVD, Aug 1

Slavery ended throughout the British Empire on “Emancipation Day,” August 1, 1834, when the Slavery Abolition Act came into force. Free Blacks in the United States began celebrating the anniversary as many had personal and community connections with the former slaves of the British West Indies, the Caribbean Islands (including Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, […]

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Parties Connected to Virus Spread: A summary of the governor’s July 29 press conference

Governor Gina Raimondo, DOH director Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott and RIDE Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green gave the COVID-19 press briefing today at 1pm. First today’s COVID data: The governor announced a total of 61 new cases since yesterday. “That’s holding steady,” she said. “That’s the kind of data we like to see.” Seventy-four people are hospitalized for […]

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Get Out!: PVDFest announces a Downcity scavenger hunt

PVDFest has joined the ranks of organizations stepping up to entertain and delight cooped-up locals despite the changes social distancing has forced. This certainly isn’t the summer for the throngs of people dancing in the streets PVDFest usually encourages, but an outdoor scavenger hunt with your bubble? That idea kind of has us dancing. On […]

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Functional Art on Empire Street: PVDFest sculpture installation encourages socially distant viewing

“Bee Violet” is an outdoor art installation on PVD’s Empire Street that was created by Allison Newsome and Deborah Spears Moorehead. Its patented design, a symbolic metal fish combined with a growing vegetable garden, redefines what is possible aesthetically and environmentally with art.  “It was made on a wing and a prayer,” says Newsome, referencing […]

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Supporting Portland: Protesters gathered in PVD Saturday night

Protesters gathered in front of the Providence Public Safety Complex on Saturday night, with law enforcement in riot gear standing a block away. One hundred and fifty mostly young people came out to protest police brutality and called to defund the police.  The rally’s original intent was to show solidarity with the city of Portland, […]

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