It’s Festival Season! Your guide to safe, secure and sensible cannabis use this summer

Let’s face it, smoking weed at music festivals is nothing new — 50 years ago Woodstock became the earth mother of the modern music festival experience, and you better believe people were sparking up in the fields at Yasgur’s farm. And they weren’t the first ones, either — marijuana and music have been a match […]

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Just Be Patient: Our expert offers step by step instructions on procuring a medical marijuana license

Friends, family and complete strangers often express to me their interest in the benefits of medical marijuana, but hesitate when I ask them if they have considered becoming a medical marijuana patient. Their hesitation often has to do with the doctor approval process, navigating the application or their fear of being placed on some government […]

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Opinion: The Hysteria of Deception: Explaining the unfounded fear of cannabis in American society

The Oglala holy man, Black Elk, once observed that the desire to attain wealth makes white men go crazy and that some would do almost anything to achieve a financial upper hand. In this instance, Black Elk spoke of gold miners flooding into the Black Hills of South Dakota, but the observations of this revered […]

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Try Something New

The following strains can be found at RI Compassion Centers and were grown by Mammoth Inc. in Warwick. Mammoth is an award-winning, modern-day, state-of-the-art cultivation facility that uses recirculating deep-water culture hydroponics to produce the highest quality flower and solventless extracts. Most notably, Mammoth is the only cultivation facility on the East Coast that has certified […]

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