• Fashion Revolution Providence

    A week dedicated to sustainable fashion and eco-friendly practices within the fashion industry. Events around town include random acts of modeling and a discounted fashion stop trail map, with a capstone event on April 25. See @fashionrevolutionpvd for complete details.

    April 19 @ 8:00 am - April 25 @ 5:00 pm
  • Poetry Showcase

    It’s National Poetry Month, and What Cheer Writers Club presents this showcase of local poet’s work. 5pm. Online only @

    April 23 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Living for the We: Raising children, mothering a community, stepping into greatness

Black women hold multiple identities. My identities include Black woman. Mother. Activist. Community leader. Healer. Each identity can stand on its own, yet it is difficult for me to separate them. In fact, the roles enhance each other, especially in the work that I do for and with the community. Having all of these together […]

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Dignified and Indignant: Finding acceptance among Black women

I remember the first time my sister ever called me sister. She was about to give me a facial, my niece came down and asked some question about why my nails were painted. My sister said, “Because she wanted to.” And by “she,” she meant me. In that moment I felt full. There’s something immeasurable […]

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At the Forefront: Black womxn lead the fight for social justice

Black womxn have stood at the forefront of just about every large-scale movement for social justice in this country’s history. As a Black womxn in 2021 fighting for progressive change — reproductive justice and racial equity, in particular — this history is not lost on me. To be Black and to be a womxn in […]

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First prison-associated COVID-19 death in RI

RI experienced its first COVID-19 death associated with the state prison system among either staff or inmates, the Department of Corrections confirmed to Motif. In a statement dated Monday, December 14, Director Patricia A. Coyne-Fague said, “It is with a heavy heart that I must report the loss of Lt. Russell Freeman, who passed away […]

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Golden Couple Tarnished: Jared and Ivanka expected to receive a less-than-warm welcome

Sins of the Father It appears that the 2020 presidential election has come to a relieving public posturing end — except for Donald Trump’s diseased mind — as even supporters of the barking mad Donald (save for the eternally inebriated Rudy “Nosferatu” Giuliani and his greedy lawyer cohorts) are finally tired of arguing that the reptile has a chance […]

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Emperor Denies Getting New Clothes: Fashion industry in an uproar

The nation’s capital descended into its fourth straight week of protests. The outcry started in the first week of November, when the emperor refuted a claim he had purchased a brand new wardrobe made of the finest Parisian silks. In a follow-up press conference the following morning, his Majesty asserted, “I’m always naked from the […]

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