It’s Only a Game: Sports dominate the news while the government circles the drain

Stoopid Bowl Through her wonderful generosity, our lovely and talented editor, Emily Olson, allowed P&J to get as close to Super Bowl coverage as possible. This was achieved by the gentle touch of two Glocks to our foreheads, which from suspense novels, crime movies and TV, Phillipe and Jorge find quite persuasive. So forgive any […]

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Cupid’s Arrow: Left and right should join forces in disruption

As we enter the so-called season of love, politics in Rhode Island are producing a love story between unlikely partners, and they may not even realize that Cupid’s arrow hath struck Smith Hill. I have occasionally floated the notion that Rhode Island may be better off by, in a broad sense, temporarily abandoning the conventional […]

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Coronavirus Spread: Is this a disease of our own making?

The first case was reported back in December, in Hubei province. Since then, the Coronavirus has done a bit of traveling. Not only has it spread to nearly every administrative region in China – as of Jan. 23, Coronavirus cases were confirmed in China, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam — two cases […]

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Tune Your Televisions To: Your superior correspondents announce a new broadcast extravaganza

Required Viewing Phillipe and Jorge are extremely excited about the offer by as yet-to-be-revealed local TV station to host a mid-morning talk and variety show, “The Cool, Cool World.” This high-end production has already been tabbed “the most exciting viewing in Rhode Island” by one of Little Rhody’s leading magazines (Motif) who hope truth in […]

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State of the State: How will RI reach Raimondo’s renewable energy goal?

In last week’s State of the State address, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo announced a goal to power the entire state with renewable energy by 2030.   Having spent much of her political career balancing the influence and systemic role of “traditional energy providers” with frequent calls for urgent action on climate change and other environmental […]

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A Brief (Or Lengthy?) History of Phillipe and Jorge: Your superior correspondents celebrate 40 years in print

It seems amazing, especially to your superior correspondents, that the Cool, Cool World entered its 41st consecutive year of publication with the advent of 2020. This is a record for a journalistic column in The Biggest Little, of which we are both proud and astounded. If there is a key to Phillipe and Jorge’s success, we […]

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