Opinion – Stop Criticizing Shepard Fairey’s “RI Angel of Hope and Strength”

At her daily press briefing on April 25, RI Gov. Gina Raimondo announced an arts initiative, inviting anyone in whatever medium to submit original family-friendly work on a new website created for that purpose. The governor said that she contacted internationally renowned artist Shepard Fairey and asked him to help by creating a work […]

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Student Perspective: Student from Shanghai studying in the US discusses the coronavirus

To talk about the whole situation, let’s bring the timeline back to before it even got started in China.  On December 1, 2019, the first case was reported in Wuhan. On December 8, 27 suspected cases were found around the seafood market in Wuhan. At first, they said the virus couldn’t pass from human to […]

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: RI is locked, stocked and in peril

Lunchtime with Gina  With New Scientist magazine reporting on March 25 that scientists still don’t know if humans can catch the coronavirus twice, Governor Raimondo announced new measures to mitigate the risk. Speaking yesterday on her daily afternoon chat show, “Lunchtime with Gina,” she said, “It’s not enough that we stay 6 feet from other […]

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Nice Goin’, Gigi!: The gov’s daily briefings tell it like it is

Permanent Press While Phillipe and Jorge have been critical of Governor Gigi Raimondo in the past for her imperious attitude, we must give her tons of credit for how she has handled the coronavirus pandemic here in Little Rhody through her daily press conferences. And while time-consuming, we urge her to continue her daily briefings […]

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Student Perspective: One high school student’s view of the coronavirus

Right now the only thing on anyone’s mind is the newest strain of coronavirus. How it’s affecting our community, economy and other nations around the world has taken over every news station and permeated every home. While schools have been canceled, some businesses close, films and television have been put on hiatus and quarantines are […]

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Breaking it Down: America was poised for a burnout

“I’m honestly glad for the break,” said one restaurant owner when I recently interviewed him about the effects of social distancing on his business. “I’ve been going full-out for so long, having a forced vacation is kind of nice.” Even if it’s the universe forcing it on you? “I’m sure I’ll feel different soon, but […]

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Front Lines: The important role of independent journalism in a crisis

Bill Bartholomew is host of The Bartholomewtown podcast and frequent Motif contributor. As the coronavirus crisis has unfolded, he’s stood shoulder-to-shoulder with other Motif reporters and independent journalists at Governor Raimondo’s daily press conferences (at least until the governor required reporters to stand 3 feet apart). We recently talked to him about the role of […]

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