Mama’s Rap

Yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen up to the Mama In her drama bout the change I’m feelin’ like an arrow Target ready / taking aim Some think I’m going crazy  Yeah actin’ insane Damn right I got an attitude But let me explain I said Who-decided-the-rules  To diss my clock To say-I-got-to-keep-tickin’  When I wants to tock To […]

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25th Annual Langston Hughes Community Poetry Reading: If you had been there. “…you would know why”

The sounds of steel pan, keyboard, bass and vocals poured out of the Providence Career & Technical Academy Auditorium as hundreds of standup citizens glided inside. They were there to hear 67 people present Langston Hughes’ works, as well as experience some surprises. Many attendees returned for a third or 20th visit. Sylvia Ann Soares […]

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