Collective Creativity: An interview with Contessa Brown

Cafe S.O.U.L is an open mic night created by the incomparable Contessa Brown and Janne’t Brown, affectionately known as Momma Brown. I recently sat down with Contessa Brown to talk about Cafe S.O.U.L. and its importance in the community.    Damont Combs (Motif): For those who don’t know, what is Cafe S.O.U.L.?  Contessa Brown: Cafe S.O.U.L. […]

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Making Magic: An interview with Ricardo Pitts-Wiley

Mixed Magic Theatre is a non-profit organization in Pawtucket with a mission to create more literate and arts-active communities. Mixed Magic often combines expressive artistic forms, such as poetry, acting, singing, dancing through plays and open mic. I recently spoke with Ricardo Pitts-Wiley and we delved into the importance of artistic expression, discussed what’s happening in today’s society […]

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All Lives Matter

All Livesdon’t get foundhungon four different occasionsfrom treesin 2020 Americaand ruled a suicide All Livesdon’t utter the wordsI can’t breatheover their last breathwhile in police custody  All Livesare not handcuffedby blue uniformsand shotdeadexecution stylein front of witnesses  All Livesare notshot deadwhile sleepingin their car  All Livesare not killedfor taking shortcuts homearmedwith a sandwichor an iced […]

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When it happenedthere was no Negroatop of blazing saddlepreceded by smoking dust cloudsfrom burnt trail.The wind carried no screams of the decree. The war had been over three years.I was about seventeenwhen freedoms fingerstugged my ear. In droves they wandered streetsdancing and singing“Weeze FREE now,”but the daywas hollow asVictory’s bloodied headresting upon shoulder of Future […]

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America, Noun

America  A-M-E-R-I-C-A, America  Noun From the Italian Amerigo  which itself is from the German Amalric or Heimrich  meaning “work ruler” or “home ruler” America  Noun  From the English America  meaning conflict      conflict with England        with Spain        with Mexico         with France       […]

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They say If it’s not on FacebookIt didn’t happenEven though I am not seeing itI’m pretty sure it’s happening We keep sayingNever againUntil the next hash tagDigitally memorializesThe next Black nameSlainBy blue bullets I can’t watch another videoWe shouldn’t have to hash tagAnother fatherHashtag daughterHashtag love one And they don’t get itThey say shit likeWhat […]

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