Croptober 2023

What is a cannabis event all about? We’ve been thinking about that question since before it was legal – Motif contributors have long been fans of events put together by 13 Folds, Bobby Nuggz and Marc Shepard’s New England Cannabis Convention. Some of those we can’t talk too much about, although it’s all legal now. But these range from serious hangs to serious business – what Motif always strives for in its events is community building.

In the not too distant future, we’ll be exploring local cannabis-related awards. Because fun, sometimes goofy local awards have become kind of our thing. But as we refine what that looks like behind the scenes (Oh, the testing that goes into these awards!), we’re partnering with a few local cultivators, accessory providers and dispensaries to create events that combine education, fun activities and just plain blow-outs with sampling, gift baskets, food, drink, and inspiring live music.


We’re trying to have fun, while moving on from the classic, dank and ‘60 stereotypes of olden days and explore what the new, mainstreamed cannabis world can be.

In October, we jump into the weeds with, you guessed it, Croptoberfest, a collaboration with Mother Earth Wellness and The MET, which is conveniently a short walk away from Mother Earth.

Says Mother Earth owner Joe Pakuris, “Mother Earth Wellness prides itself in being a leader in the cannabis community, consistently promoting the quality, innovation and ongoing validation of cannabis in our culture. While things have come a long way, there is still a great deal to be done. We are truly thrilled to partner with Motif to deliver a one-of-a-kind community experience. Between the cultivators who attend and all the events and musical acts lined up, the Met will be the place to be on October 28. We look forward to seeing everyone there.”

From 6pm to 8:30pm a free vendor fair will feature DJ Matt Carey, vendors and cultivators, a scavenger hunt, horror burlesque performance, and a costume contest.

Starting at 9pm, the VIP afterparty will feature promotional bags (with a retail value higher (ha ha) than the ticket price – so you’re ahead right there). Then there are vendors, a test drive of Mother Earth’s drive-through dispensary, and the funky, jazz fusion R&B music of Lee Ross, past RI Music Award winners (for favorite jam band) Guess Method, and the debut of Stumpy & Willy’s Groove Machine, which sounds, well … groovy.

If you have suggestions or would like to be a part of the festivities, get in touch. To get VIP passes (while supplies last) visit Tell us what you think of the idea, or of mascot Michigan J Nuggs. •

Croptoberfest takes place at The MET, 1005 Main St, Pawtucket, from 6pm to 1am. Free until 8:30pm, $20 for the afterparty, Sat, Oct 28. Purchase tickets here.