Dash Around Town: Free Birds

free birdsAs part of parental modern duty, knowing, sampling and viewing media is an ongoing challenge. Not everything that is appropriate is always tasteful or worthwhile. But when it is, it is! Free Birds was a joy and fun for everyone. What’s truly pleasant about these modern forms of animation is that they are high in moral fiber and half the lines are for kids while the other half needs the age and experience of an adult viewer. This fun-filled sci-fi adventure goes where no man is supposed to go … err … into the past and messing with the locals. There is homage to all sorts of things filmic in this, loads of good humor and a serious about-face in our own mis-reports of the Euro trash invasion of the “First Nation” people and their livestock, and poultry division as well. Turkeys traveling through time to save their feathered friends from the doom of T-day feast-ibles. It follows the same high road as Up with references to such classics as “2001 Space Oddness” and inside gags like “Run Chicken” of Ardman fame. Take the kids or grandkids and be prepared to enjoy it yourself, happy through space, time and the continuum.  My son loved it tremendously, and he’s always beaming up. Gobble, gobble!