Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Greg Bass!

image1 (2)Welcome back again, ladies and gentlemen! I want to ask you all to do me a favor: Find me on social media or comment on the article or Motif‘s Facebook page to tell me what you think of my imaginary interview/gameshow/newspaper column. But enough about us. Let’s talk about this week’s guest! He’s a man you can often find on or behind the stage based on his job(s), and he plays three different instruments in four different bands and is named after only one of those instruments. I am proud to introduce you to Mr. Greg Bass, not to be confused with another guy named Greg who also plays bass but has nothing to do with this Greg or these bands. Here we go …

Josh Hurst: How old are you and where do you live?

Greg Bass: I’m 51 and live in East Providence.


JH: What band(s) are you in and what do you do in them?

GB: I’m in The SuperMags and am on stand-up drums and vocals, in The Bastards I’m on bass and vocals, in The Standards I’m on bass, guitar and vocals and in Satisfaction Society I’m on guitar and vocals.

I still have my full PA system and do occasional sound gigs.  I also have a little studio at the house and take on small recording projects from time to time.

JH: How long have you been at this rock ‘n’ roll thing?

GB: A long time! Since 1981. I started playing gigs when I was 16.

JH: What do you do to pay the rent?

GB: I’m a production manager at ATR Treehouse in Providence, which is a production company.  We stage events such as corporate meetings, commencements and concerts. We also rent out A/V equipment to the public: speakers, projectors, lights and some backline gear, too. Our repair and install departments are also very busy.

I’m also a non-denominational minister/wedding officiant. When my schedule allows,  I take the occasional wedding gig.

JH: How did you end up with your current day job?

GB: Word of mouth. A couple of key people left ATR Treehouse in quick succession. The owner knew of me, rang me up and we came to terms. It’s all about your network and reputation!

JH: What drives you to keep at music if you need to have the day job to pay bills?

GB: I love it! I love to perform for an audience. If I didn’t play music, I’d be an actor. Ok, I’m a ham. I admit it.

JH: Besides the income, what keeps you at your current day job?

GB: It’s a great job in that I’m still working in the biz, keeping up with gear, keeping my skills sharp
and meeting people who produce live events.

JH: Does anything in your day job correlate to your musical endeavors?

GB: Yes, that’s part of what keeps me in it. We are hired to stage concerts at times. Last year we did the WBRU concerts at Waterplace Park, which includes advancing gigs and meeting the bands. It’s great. We rent and sell gear to clubs and musicians. I get to talk gear with folks and make gear suggestions or help troubleshoot issues with gear. Our repair department brings local music-types in, too. Plus I can buy gear at dealer cost!

JH: Where can anyone interested find you during your day work and/or night work?

GB: My day job website is  My sound/studio stuff is at Book me for weddings here: And find my bands at,, and