Editor Note July 2022

Dear Motif Readers- 

Recently, we witnessed the rollback of the fundamental human right of bodily autonomy. 

I once believed that the Supreme Court, as designed, could remain above politics — but as is now clear, it is a victim of partisanship like all of our systems, and no right that we currently enjoy is sacred. And while I have heard that we should have seen this coming, for me, it was certainly a wake-up call. 

I do take some small amount of solace in the fact that RI’s codification of Roe v. Wade protections reflects my values, and I encourage readers to learn about the proposed Equality in Abortion Coverage Act (EACA) to expand abortion access to those insured by the state as well as Medicaid recipients.  

Know, though, that the worst thing we can do is despair. We have to take the time we need to grieve and lick our wounds, then roll up our sleeves and get involved. If not with federal advocacy, then with state advocacy; if not with state advocacy, then with town or city advocacy; and if not with town or city advocacy, simply expressing your thoughts and feelings for a better world with friends who might not have heard it before. All of these are essential to making our country a more inclusive, better-informed and kinder place.

Consider supporting local abortion and contraceptive care funding providers like Women’s Health and Education Fund, and advocacy groups like The Womxn Project, which have taken the lead on rallying our state around this issue. 

Thanks for reading.