Greenleaf gets the Green Light: Dispensary Review

In the brief time that cannabis has been legal(ish – for recreational use in MA, and in Rhode Island for medical marijuana card holders), visiting a dispensary has gone from something incredibly foreign to even a veteran cannabis-user to something we have pre-set expectations for, like any other purchasing experience. 

When you walk into the Greenleaf Compassion Care Center, you’re instantly hit with a soft green aesthetic and a clearly marked off queue line, so you know right where to go. There’s also a spot to check-in for new patients to register. The space isn’t large, but there’s plenty of room for customers to browse safely-distanced while they wait to approach the counter. Display cases flaunt a range of Greenleaf’s greatest “hits,” while large screens behind the counters showcase featured products and deals. There are also easy-to-scan QR codes that link to Greenleaf’s full menu to scroll through while you wait in line. 

At the counter, there’s a lot to take in: full displays of all of the flower options (all color-coded based on strain type) and of the other products they offer including edibles made in house, an array of concentrates, several outside brands including Sea Witch and Hapi, as well as some glassware and Greenleaf merchandise. Even with menus detailing the options available, it can be overwhelming as you’re rifling through all of your choices, but that’s where Greenleaf’s expert staff comes in. 

The budtenders are well-versed on virtually everything they have in-store, and this is quite an undertaking. When I asked about a more mellow strain to help wind down at night, they recommended the “Billy Idle” indica hybrid which they described as, “nice and minty”. After talking through some of the other offerings and deals, I knew I couldn’t leave without grabbing some of their house-made edibles. I ended up choosing their 10mg chocolate chip cookies as well as their 5mg strawberry gummies.

After trying both edibles, I appreciated that they were both packed with flavor without being overly sweet, and because they were fairly low-dosage (for me anyway), I was able to get that classic sunk-(but not stuck) in-the-couch feeling I’m always searching for. The Billy Idle strain had a great mix of sweet and minty terpenes, and gave a super smooth smoke resulting in a calm, relaxing sensation. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that strain going forward.

Discerning cannabis buyers expect a clean and welcoming atmosphere, a wide range of products to choose from, and staff that’s knowledgeable and can guide you towards the right decision. Greenleaf meets and exceeds all these expectations, delivering great products with remarkable service. Suffice to say, I highly recommend it. 

Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center, 1637 W Main Rd, Portsmouth, RI 02871

For info about Rhode Island’s medical marijuana program, please visit ​​