I Ain’t Got No Strains On Me: What to look for when you’re looking for flower


Green Fire OG

Grower: Mammoth RI

Details: 70/30 Sativa dominant mix of Green Cure and Fire OG

Look & Smell: Light and fluffy with big trichomes giving off a note of green apple

Taste: Big citrus notes up top with a spicy/floral flavor in the back

Effects: Soothing head-high that definitely increases the appetite and numbs pain/tension

Where to get it: Summit


Trunk Funk

Grower: RI Finest Gardens

Details: 70/30 indica mix of White Tahoe Cookies and Dos Si Dos

Look & Smell: Dark purple nugs with piney and floral aromas

Taste: Those piney notes come back balanced with some light-earthy flavors

Effects: A calming-euphoric sensation that’s perfect for winding down before bed

Where to get it: Summit and Greenleaf


Top Shelf Black Bread #2

Grower: Thomas C. Slater Center

Details: 50/50 mix of Wedding Cake and Banana Bread

Look & Smell: Dense nugs with a light green hue and a sweet scent of vanilla

Taste: Light notes of vanilla and lavender with a bit of banana throughout

Effects: A balanced and relaxed high that doesn’t leave you slogging. Perfect for movies and barbecues

Where to get it: Slater 


1:1 OG Kush

Grower: Deep Green

Details: Indica dominant mix of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush

Look & Smell: Perfect blend of purple, orange, and green with citrus aromas

Taste: Earthy and lemony notes balanced perfectly together

Effects: A light full-body high with an overall soothing effect that isn’t overpowering.

Where to get it: Summit and Greenleaf

Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center

1637 West Main Road

Portsmouth, RI 02871


380 Jefferson Blvd – E2 

Warwick, RI 02886

Thomas C. Slater Center

1 Corliss St 

Providence, RI 02904