Got Beer?

IMBIBE: Featuring all the Summer Slams

Did you hear that? That siren song of the cocktail luring you from the beaches, pools and backyards. Where is it coming from? New Harvest Coffee & Spirits in the Arcade in downtown Providence. Wait, spend time downtown when it’s this nice out? Yes, yes, trust me. Ben Terry, bar manager (and booze baron) creates drinks so splendid you’ll forget what day it is and who’s barbecue you were supposed to visit.

I’m not kidding. This small space serves up some of the best drinks in the state. I asked Ben which one of his gems we should feature and he couldn’t pick just one. New Harvest’s Summer Slam cocktail menu large and in charge, right here. Read on and get ready.

What: Koko B Ware


Go Get:

1.5 oz Marshmallow Infused White Rum* (used Cana Brava)

.5 oz Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur

.5 oz Meletti Ciocoletto Liqueur

3 oz Unsweetened Coconut Milk

2-3 oz Whipped Coconut Cream on top, and shave chocolate over it

“Honestly, a play on hot chocolate, but frozen or cold. And what are summer flavors? Coconut and ginger; and because it stems from the idea of hot chocolate, I tried to figure out a way to get marshmallow into it.”

*Made in house

What: Million Dollar Dreamsicle

Go Get:

Mellow Corn Whiskey


Yacht Club Orange Soda

Whipped Irish Cream*

This drink plays on the Creamsicle, but adult style. I’d give you the proportions and directions, but honestly, just go in and get it off the Slushie machine whirling in the back bar. Yes, you read that right, they have  a Slushie machine and rotate alcoholic drinks out of it. There may be a frozen Irish Coffee out of there sometime soon.

*Yes, they make their own Irish Cream and of course it’s amazing.

“Mellow Corn Whiskey is one of my favorite summertime whiskeys,” said Ben. And he should know.

What: Matcha Man Randy Sauvage

Go Get:

1.5 oz Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka

.75 Bitterman’s Citron Sauvage

2 oz of Matcha Tea Clarified Milk Punch*

Make: Shake it all up and pour in a coupe, or if you prefer, pour it on the rocks.

This drink is refreshing and herbal with a hint of that light matcha tannin offset by the tropical citrus flavors all foamed up from a good shake. Mmmm.

*Go in and ask Ben what a clarified milk punch is….

What: Rowdy Roddy Piper

Go Get:

1.5 oz Monkey Shoulder Scotch

.5 oz Cherry Heering

.75 oz Lemon Juice (fresh, of course)

.5 oz Lapsang Gomme Syrup*

Homemade pipe tobacco bitters

Make: Stir it all up and pour over a large ice cube in a rocks glass, dash the bitters on top.

The taste gives a smokey, smokerson whiskey sour – a serious drinker’s drink for a summer afternoon.

“I like whiskey sours,” said Ben, who got the idea after getting pipe tobacco from a smoke shop. “I thought it would add a cool ingredient in a classic sour.” New Harvest, as you may have heard, not only houses coffee expertise, but whiskey aficionados as well.

*A simple syrup made with Gum Arabic and lapsang tea; it adds a viscosity and adds to the pow of this drink.

Because of the background in coffee roasting, Ben and the folks at New Harvest played around with fun coffee and tea cocktails  and that’s how they evolved into their current state. An amazing small spot for a great coffee, tea, whiskey or cocktail. I asked Ben how he came up with such a fun line-up of drinks: “We’ve got excitement to try new things. We’re not worried if we mess up. The trial and error is the fun part.”

Well, try, try again. We’ll try what you’re trying, Ben.