IMBIBE: Punch Season

The beach, the lake, the warm weather antics are calling your name. All you need to do to join the party is bring something you and your friends can share. Yes, sure, bring the controversial party strips. But really what you need is a bit of alcoholic genius. No, not that cousin, I’m talking party punch. Something you can put in a cooler or pitcher and pour right into those red cups.
Here’s a couple of my favorite concoctions. By that I mean I make them and my friends haven’t complained yet.
What: LimeAid for Adults
Go get:
12 oz gin (London dry)
6 oz lime juice
3 oz simple syrup
3 bottles Brooklyn American Lager
Make: Take the first three ingredients and shake ’em in your cooler or pitcher with some ice. Gently pour that beer over and stir. Add mint if you feel fancy.
What: All Day Rosé
Go get:
2 bottles (dry) rose
3 oz Limoncello
2 oz Giffard Creme de Fraise
1 lemon sliced
1/2 pint strawberries sliced
Make: Stir it all up in a pretty pitcher and pour into ice filled tumblers.
Now load up your car and get thee to the party already.
Happy summer.