Jazz Insights: Joe Holtzman

Rhode Island’s veteran drummer Joe Holtzman stills pats the snare and bass drums in greater Providence.
In 1954, while growing up in South Carolina, Holtzman joined The Brooklyn-Cayce Marching Band. After a few beginners lessons, he taught himself the basic artform of drumming, began winning drum competitions and joined The All-State Band.

In Junior High School, he and his brother began performing professionally with country and rock-and-roll bands. They also worked on early television with a country-western group.

When Holtzman’s family moved to Rhode Island, he entered Central High School and began taking musical lessons from young trombonist Harold Crook and young trumpeter Paul Philips and Yank Ragosta. For many years Joe has performed regularly with local and regionally talented musicians and groups. His preferences in music has always been into jazz, the “oldies” and the wonderful American Songbook.


Joe Holtzman’s professional rhythm is still remembered throughout his on-going preforming career.