Jesus Christ Superstar, a Holiday Favorite, Delivers

If there’s one thing Marquee Theatre Productions didn’t skimp on in its performance of Jesus Christ Superstar, it was production design. Director Roberto Santo Cristo Soares’ lustful production design sets the right tone for themes of power and corruption. There’s rarely a scene with fewer than 10 harlots on stage flaunting their wares to the audience in black teddies or shiny silver tube tops. Of course, the much younger girls in the mob just wear sexy themed items, like light purple mascara and bright red burlesque scarves. In short, there are enough Halloween costume ideas here for quite a few years coming.

There’s not much else missing here. The principle roles of Judas (Brian Lopes) and Mary Magdalene (Jerilyn Karam-Kozak) have notably strong voices and a driving rock score to guide them. Nick Kozak’s Jesus is friend to the oppressed, and distraught by the thought of his inevitable crucifixion.

The only major drawback will be for Christian viewers unfamiliar with musical who will likely be disappointed when they see how secular Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice’s story of Jesus actually is. Other than that, if you’re a fan of large rock musicals, Marquee’s Superstar is worth the night out.