Live Bait: The Love of my Life

By Ali Walsh

If someone asked you to tell a story about the love of your life, what story would you tell them? The audience at Live Bait this past weekend came up with a lot of heartfelt, interesting, and hilarious stories to share.

Live Bait is an open forum that allows anyone that shows up to tell a story regarding the theme of the night. All they have to do is put their name in the fishbowl and stand up in front of everyone when their name is called. There are no notes, no performers and no acts, only real people telling true-life stories.

Phil Goldman, aka The Host, started Live Bait in 2008 as a “half-baked idea,” as he describes it. He thought of an event where a group of open-minded, positive people can come together to talk about pretty much whatever they wanted to share. When he told his friends that someone should start something like that, they responded, “So do it.” Five years later, Live Bait has gained a large following.

This past Saturday was a big night for the show. Not only was the organization celebrating their fifth anniversary, but Live Bait Phil Goldman and timekeeper Tricia “The Wolf” Goldman also celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Cake was provided to the audience upon entry.

Each storyteller gets six minutes to tell their tale. If they go over, they will be cut off by the bell. Rant and ramblers need not apply.

The theme of “the love of my life,” didn’t simply produce cute stories of how lovers met, quarreled and lived happily ever after. While these types of stories were told, they were in short supply. There were  stories of children’s love for their parents as well as their parents’ love in their second marriages. One storyteller shared his love for Rhode Island and another simply talked about loving life. The most touching story of the night was shared by a Live Bait regular, who talked about the birth of his newborn daughter. A story everyone thought was going to be sweet ended up being suspenseful and scary, but magical all the same. It brought the audience to tears and a standing ovation.

Live Bait happens once a month, with a new theme every time. The next one will be taking place on August 2, with the theme “Losing My Cool.”

No matter the theme, the stories are always incredible. From tales of heartbreak to love, betrayal to comedy, and scary to hilarious, many people have stories to tell. And this is the perfect place to share them.

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