IMBIBE: Lovecraft’s Lament

lamentWhen in search of refreshment, a fated coupling of spirits and expertise occur, if we’re fortunate enough to notice.

This particular cocktail writer found herself in such a state when rummaging for a cocktail in Lovecraft’s favorite (and home) city. Not just any cocktail, but one that thoughtfully acknowledged this long sleeping master of pulp, fear, grizzle and the cosmic.

From brief historical review, Lovecraft wasn’t known for a particular drink like other authors of his generation (different genres, but those of rum-bending Hemingway or gin-leaning Fitzgerald). Rather, like his elusive works, Lovecraft drank without notice, if at all. Most of his documented ingestion related to his love of cheese, chocolate and eating frugally.


Nevertheless, Providence is his town, this is a cocktail article and for f’s sake, we like to raise our glasses high to one of our beloved sons. Take yourself through a few bars and you may notice a cocktail on the menu to honor Lovecraft’s influence. Like his work, these concoctions are not ubiquitous, but rather wait for the critical seeking eye to realize the genius.

One such bar hosted this writer after an exhausted hunt* for such libations. Refreshment found. At the Avery, mixed and described by the magnetic Lori Battaglino, who seeing this writer’s concern for libations a la Lovecraft, aptly shared this jewel of a beverage.

What: Lovecraft’s Lament

Found Where: The Avery

Go Get:
1.5 oz Bols Genever
.5  oz St Germain
Splash San Pellegrino Aranciata
Dash Mint Bitters
Float Prosecco

Pour the Bols Genever, St. Germain, and San Pellegrino over ice in a shaker, stir. Drain into a martini glass. Dash those bitters and float the Prosecco as you whisper profound strangelings to yourself, gods and monsters.

Sip, and enjoy good dreams.

* With two lovely and game creatures of the North Midwest

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