Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: The shifting sands beneath you are beginning to stabilize. Now that you are on solid footing, you can make the changes that you deem necessary. Lots of action around the Full Moon pulls you in a new direction. As the year ends, that new direction solidifies and you bring some dreams down to earth.  

Taurus: Disruptions in your life continue. They jog your brain and help you to consider those things that are important to you. Some things are not so important to you anymore. You have moved on. As the Solstice season begins, you are ready for a whole new world. Not to worry, it is there waiting for you. Go explore! 

Gemini: Relationship issues prompt you to reflect and delve into the inner workings of your psyche. Not something you’re comfortable with, but some folks have been pushing your buttons and you are getting tired of them doing that and you’re tired of your reaction. Digging deep, you find answers that help you disconnect from your unhealthy reactions. 

Cancer: Secrets come tumbling out, bringing about some lengthy conversations. The people in your life who mean something to you engage you in conversation, argument and agreement. The Christmas holiday brings a new beginning for you. Some relationships last, others fall by the wayside. It’s all good.    

Leo: The Full Moon finds you making plans for the future. Some things have changed and your attitude has changed along with it. The Solstice brings your organizational skills to the fore. You use this to organize your life, your routine and all things that serve your highest good and those around you. Service to others appeals now.   

Virgo: Some pesky folks need to be dealt with before you can enjoy your holiday. You may need a certain amount of aggression on your part to see it through. Some unexpected news or events change the picture. As the New Year approaches, you begin to express yourself in a truly authentic way.       

Libra: As you settle in for the holidays, you begin to address things that have been brewing on the home front. Some of this may have to do with repairs to physical structures, while other aspects may have to do with relationships with those closest to you. You can’t ignore or escape any of it.  Dealing with it all requires work.  

Scorpio: While the Solstice season is always busy, this year for Scorpio, super busy is the theme. There’s much activity close to home as well as some internal activity going on. A major shift in your thinking occurs during this period. Many aspects of your life are affected: your thinking, your commute, your relationships. Remember: Be assertive, not aggressive.   

Sagittarius: Playing fast and loose with the budget comes back to haunt you. As the festive season draws closer, you put your thinking cap on and try to figure out how to manage your resources. What’s important, what do you need, and what do you want. Not to worry; opportunity to earn more will present itself as the New Year begins.     

Capricorn: With Jupiter moving into your sign at the beginning of December, you are in for a year of good fortune and opportunity. Your ruler, Saturn, here as well, cautions against going overboard. Expect some unusual people to appear in your life. Some of them may be quite exciting and bring some sparkle to your daily routine.  

Aquarius: As the month begins, you are not really in the mood for any holiday festivities, preferring solitude and meditative stuff. As the Solstice approaches and Venus moves into your sign, you are ready to party and socialize. You will receive many invitations and have a difficult time juggling all the events.  

Pisces: The Solstice season brings you so much activity; old friends, new friends, and family all put you on their list of invites. You enjoy the activities, but on the quiet side you begin to plan for the future — the immediate, after-the-holiday type and the long-range type. This is the time to make your wish list.