Lunar Notes

January started off with a bang and things probably won’t settle down any time soon. Inauguration day on the 20th coincides with the First Quarter Moon. Quarter Moons are times of action. At this one, Mars and Uranus are exactly conjunct. We already felt the vibe of this duo on the 6th, and on the 20th it is stronger. Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th. Get all important paper work done before then.  

Aries: The focus shifts to your public persona, your standing in the community and your reputation. This is a great time to make connections and expand your network. Some surprises come your way that will affect your budgeting. A little self-healing is going on here as you begin to engage in those activities you truly enjoy. 

Taurus: Change, disruption and interruptions prevent any attempt to maintain a schedule. Your career and public image are at the top of your list these days. A long-term goal may be within your reach. This close, you may decide this is not what you want. An intuitive friend offers counseling and some spiritual guidance. 


Gemini: New ideas roll around in your head as you discover some folks who share the same values as you. Discussions with these people spark your intellectual curiosity and send you on a journey of discovery. Your ruler, Mercury, retrogrades at month end. This ushers in a good time to read and digest all that you have learned. 

Cancer: Partners, friendships and other relationships fall under the microscope during this period. Money, shared resources and values dominate discussions. Some crazy and argumentative friends shock you and cause you to react in a way that might not be productive. Try to be a healer in these volatile situations. 

Leo: Career, routine and relationships receive jolts and unexpected developments. Some folks are interested in power and control. Beware of obsessions and the obsessive. Events beyond your control shake up your world. They may create difficulties now, but further down the line the results will be beneficial.

Virgo: You’re serious about getting tidy and organized. For you that is really saying something as you are normally in that groove. But these days there is a heightened awareness about the proper order of things. Someone brings out your passionate side. Oh yes, earthy Virgo can be quite passionate. Be on the alert for the controlling one. 

Libra: Activities that you love and bring you joy dominate during this period. This is a time for you to get creative, with your life, your relationships and your “space.” Love and romance are in the air. Someone quirky and passionate is on the horizon. This is a good time to begin a creative project that requires discipline and inspiration. 

Scorpio: You begin this period like a hibernating bear, staying close to home and keeping a low profile. There is plenty to do on the home front.  Some of it is work, some is play. Lots of conversation going on. By month end you are ready to head out into the public and get noticed. Someone surprises you with their unexpected, quirky actions.

Sagittarius: While the world is hunkering down for the winter, you are on the go, busy, making calls, driving, talking and exchanging ideas. Your schedule is busy and you have trouble keeping up with it all. Someone on the work front gets aggressive, argumentative and seemingly unreasonable. Remain calm and chill.  

Capricorn: Venus in your sign during this period lightens things up a bit during the gloomy winter. Not enough to ease your concerns about money and your budget. Your usual practicality comes in handy as you figure out how to deal with any shortfalls. Capricorns are really creative and that creativity gets a boost during this period. Use it!

Aquarius: With Jupiter and Saturn, that rare conjunction, in your sign it is truly a new beginning, a new cycle for you. A new seed has been planted in your psyche and may take time to manifest. In the meantime, you concentrate on you. Who you are and what you want to do. Change on the home front reflects the changes within.  

Pisces: Your daily life, routine and immediate surroundings continue to have disruption, interruption and unexpected monkey wrenches upsetting everything. While this is going on outside, a lot is going on inside. Some serious self examination occurs that will set you on a new course in the months to come. Listen to your heart.