Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

February opens with a third Quarter Moon with Moon in intense, emotional Scorpio squaring off with the Sun in the intellectual, freedom-loving sign of Aquarius. The question is: Do we lead with the heart or the head? Mercury is retrograde and will be so all month. Beware of false rumors and be ready for disruptions in your schedule. Venus, in Aquarius, falls in love with a friend.

Aries: Pandemics and lockdowns present no hindrance to your extensive networking and maintenance of your many connections with friends. In some ways, this is a new day for you. You visualize and work on manifestation of your hopes, dreams and wishes. Sudden changes in money and the budget throw you for a loop.

Taurus: You focus upon your reputation, standing in the community and your public persona. You behave in a manner that is unusual for you. Your usual rock-steady attitude receives a shakeup. This results in some uneasy conversations within personal relationships. You’re undergoing change.  Others try to adjust.

Gemini: You dig deep into some heavy issues, no longer satisfied with merely skimming the surface. Your mind wanders far and away, evoking big dreams and profound truths. Something is bubbling up to the surface from your subconscious. Right now it is illusive, but soon it will solidify.  New ideas blossom. 

Cancer: No matter what goes on these days, it always seems to involve someone else. No chance for you to go it alone, as some issues are complex and tangled up with the significant others in your life. An unusual and quirky friend provides some comic relief. Their unexpected actions bring a smile to your face.

Leo: Relationship issues fall under review during this period. This includes business, professional and personal relationships. Seems like everyone is piling on at the same time. Step back and remain cool. Deal with each one as they surface. Some authority figures behave in a shocking manner.  Stand up for yourself.

Virgo: What you considered your own little world has been expanding to encompass realms you never dreamed of. There’s a bit of fantasy in your life now, but that does not prevent you from keeping your feet firmly on the ground. You discover that some of your routine is not so routine after all.  Review your daily process and improve it.

Libra: Joyful activities warm your heart. Your creative juices are flowing and you are socially active. Love involving romantic interests, as well as children in your life, brings you more joy. A romance may move to the next level. Money matters emerge that are surprising and upsetting.  

Scorpio: You hang tough, keeping to the home front or at least close to home. There is a lot going on. Something from the past emerges and needs to be dealt with. A relationship involves some unexpected behavior. This person’s actions shock you. It is not anything you can’t deal with. The question is: Do you want to?

Sagittarius: Active and busy, you don’t have much time for quiet contemplation. That’s not your cup of tea anyway. Your small world is opening up and you begin to see the big picture. You have some serious, but fascinating, conversations that spark some new ideas within. You get innovative when it comes to work routines.

Capricorn: Money, budgets and the things that you value most are up for review. You have money, but it needs to go toward the practical and useful.  You may not want to do that as you are attracted to the artistic and beautiful at this time. To lighten things up, an exciting person sparks your passion. A fun person, but a bit unreliable.

Aquarius: With all the planets lined up in your sign during this period, it is time to rock and roll. You may not feel like doing that, but there are signs of expansion of the mind and spirit along with the necessary discipline to manifest your dreams. Unexpected glitches with household appliances keep things lively at home.

Pisces: You seem to others as if you are in dream land. You’re not, but you are into some deep contemplation and self-reflection. It is good to do this extensive self examination at this time. You are able to come up with solutions to everyday problems and to move on with your life. Expect disruptions in your routine.