Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes


Aries: You feel like you are walking through a mine field, and every step you take sets off an explosion. It’s hard to keep your cool under these circumstances. Finding the right mix of diplomacy and assertiveness helps you navigate this volatile period. Get to the gym, take a walk, run or engage in an active sport to blow of some steam.

Taurus: While socializing with friends keeps you busy, you’re not always fully in the present. There’s an interior dialogue going on within you that you really need to listen to. Some down time with a little quiet contemplation helps to clarify the ideas that have been bubbling beneath the surface. You make creative plans for the future.

Gemini: A busy schedule suits you just fine. Handling the incoming, outgoing and bolts from the blue keeps you in your element. New opportunities for love and money arrive through the auspices of friends and group affiliations. This is a good time to make plans for the future. Where do you want to be five years from now?

Cancer: Home loving Cancer is so in the public eye these days. You handle it well as you receive some great press reviews from a somewhat quirky authority figure. Don’t let all this attention divert you from taking care of your daily business. This is a good time to reorganize that work space as your attention to detail sharpens.

Leo: You’re looking at things with a wide range lens as you seek far and wide for the people, places and things that satisfy your new found set of values and list of what is important to you. Big changes have been taking place within and without you and you adjust your life accordingly. Museums and cultural events spark your creativity.

Virgo: Although the spotlight is on you and you are in the public eye you are drawn to inner reflection and those disciplines that aid you in digging deep into your own inner psyche. Changes in relationships, home base and working environment shift the emphasis in your life from the outer to the inner. New ideas and ways of being emerge.

Libra: Relationships are an obstacle course that require delicate navigation although the continuing fireworks from that quarter are anything but delicate.  Short fuses and attempts at resolving issues require some inventive thinking. Insist upon some serious discussion without all the drama. Helpful friends pave the way.

Scorpio: Focus on practical matters as the storm swirls around you. Disruptions in the routine challenge your ability to maintain that focus. Finding the still center within brings creative solutions to the surface. Apply them at the appropriate time. Remain calm and maintain the balance between war and peace. Take the time for some fun and games.

Sagittarius: You’re walking the high wire between heavy responsibilities and crazy, who gives a crap amusements. Interesting and unusual romantic interests cross your path. A lot of creative energy floating around, you need to harness and own it. Channel it and manifest in the real world.     

Capricorn: Events rock your foundation. Normal is not the name of the game these days as the unusual, weird and outlandish land on your doorstep. This is a good time to get rid of people, things and situations that no longer serve who you really are. You’re going through some deep and profound changes. Dump the useless.

Aquarius: You’re plop in the middle of all the action whether you want to be or not. This includes all the fun stuff as well as some belligerent neighbors and the unexpected detour that upsets your daily routine. The energy is high and you’re ripe for some creative, inventive new ideas. An old friend pops up and proves to be worthy.

Pisces: You’re thinking a lot about money, what you want, what you need and what you don’t really give a hoot about. There’s been a long, slow inner contemplation going on, and now you are ready to articulate what has been going on inside. Conversations about money, morals and values create dissension, but are needed to create peace.