Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: Let the fun begin as the invitations and opportunities flow your way. It’s one social event after another. It’s not all hanging around the beer keg, though, as you do take the time to have a serious conversation or two. Cultural and uplifting events broaden your outlook. A consultation with an expert looms large.

Taurus: You prefer staying close to home these days. The action and energy is focused on your immediate environment. Some estate matters and money issues require your attention. This forces you to figure out what is truly important to you. It’s not all material, is it? A conversation needs to take place with a certain someone.

Gemini: Your busy life challenges your juggling skills as you madly multitask. Along with all this busyness, your love life, social life and network of friends broadens and blossoms. There are some serious folks in your life. That is fine, but don’t let one in particular rain on your parade.

Cancer: While money and material possessions occupy your time and energy, there is a spiritual undercurrent that raises some questions as to where your values lie. They trigger a change in lifestyle, career or direction. This is a process, not an overnight flash in the pan. You’ll be working at this for a while. Not to worry, it will be worth it.

Leo: You are invigorated. Everything is new – new friends, new habits and routines; healthy and otherwise.  Romantic and monetary opportunities arrive through friends and business associates. Someone rather conservative and stable enters your life. This person is worth a second look.

Virgo: You’re torn between quiet down time and participating in the social whirl. Your options are open as you select certain invites and ignore others. That down time is valuable to you as it helps you to formulate new ideas and methods. By month-end, you’re ready to talk about it all.

Libra: You long for faraway places and you’re ready for a new future. Accordingly, you make your plans for that future. Your eyes are open to the endless possibilities. While dreaming big, you stay grounded in reality. Your plans are concrete and are made with your own personal values in mind. Use what works for you.

Scorpio: While you prefer staying behind the scenes these days, you are in the spotlight. You continue to be active, both publicly and privately. Something is going down secretly about love and/or money. By month end, something is revealed by you or someone else. You’re ready to talk about it and take action at that time.

Sagittarius: While you are tethered to the work-a-day world, you keep your eye on the big picture. You’re open to new ideas and receive fresh insight from a friend with a background quite different from your own. This is a good time for negotiations as someone in your circle acts as a peacemaker. Keep that mind open.

Capricorn: Something is brewing beneath the surface and behind the scenes. You’re cleaning out your closet, the physical, emotional and intellectual closet. Your practical mind turns philosophical. The process frees your voice and you are able to communicate something deep and profound. Heavy stuff there.

Aquarius: You become more sociable and outgoing during this period. People, relating and relationships become more important in your scheme of things. Discussions are lively and interesting, ranging from philosophy to politics to pop culture. You love every minute of it as you express your creative self.

Pisces: New work methods and changes in your daily routine improve your status on the job and on the home front. This is a good time to begin an exercise program or any discipline that improves your health and wellbeing —  physically and/or spiritually. Home entertainment appeals. That is where opportunity presents itself.