Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: December 1 to 15, 2023

ARIES: While the holiday season is always busy, this time around you’re getting slammed. Between work, play, home, family, and friends you don’t have a moment’s peace. Not that this bothers you – being in perpetual motion suits you. An unexpected financial windfall makes your holiday even merrier. Conversations with those in the know bring you up to date.

TAURUS: You appreciate quality and know you have to pay for it. You’re willing to do that but keep your eye on the budget. Money aside, Venus brings some romance and fun stuff your way. Social events pile up and you may have to flip a coin to see where you’re heading on any given evening. Old friends remind you why they are your friends, through simple actions.

GEMINI: You interact with a variety of people and deal with many different situations. You can handle it, as juggling and multi-tasking are part of your DNA. Relationships range from the very pleasant to argumentative. Keep the chatter light, but if you have to get serious, do so. You surprise yourself with the amount of insight you have into these issues.

CANCER: Conversations arise about that which has been hidden from view:Secret stuff and/or something you have been unaware of, whether in your own life or in others. You interact with a variety of people in your life. Some simply cross your path for a moment while others are friends and acquaintances, from the casual to the more permanent.

LEO: A mix of down-to-earth work or business and all the fun stuff you love to do keeps you hopping as you go from one to the other. Your life’s direction does not move in a straight line, which is something you have come to realize in recent months. You can handle all this bobbing and weaving as you figure out which bob or weave suits you best

VIRGO: Professional responsibilities conflict with your personal life. Maintaining the balance can be hard work at times, other times you handle it with ease. During this period you get very creative as you maintain that balance. Pleasant encounters, helpful neighbors, and a commute without the usual hassles smooth the way for you.

LIBRA: You love that which is lovely, whether it be a person or possession. Keep that in mind as you get into the holiday spirit. So much catches your eye, don’t blow the budget. Think about it before you spend your hardearned money. Everything looks so good, but what will it look like three months from now?

SCORPIO: Venus in your sign brings great gifts, friends, lovers, old and new. You encounter some lovely conversations and helpful women along the way. You are always aware of budgets and debt, this season is no different. You connect with some interesting and lively people. Fortunately, their feet are on the ground.

SAGITTARIUS: Lots of energy around and within you brings a change in your routine. That’s okay by you, as you love to be in motion and are good at adapting to change. At this time any relationships you are in have to contend with your “me first” attitude. Mars in your sign gives you added energy and a go it alone attitude. Just don’t burn your bridges.

CAPRICORN: There’s lots of action going on in your life and around you. You have plenty of conversations at social events with some unusual people, eccentric even. You are up for all the fun and games the season brings but manage to carve out some quiet time to figure out what your next steps will be once the busy pace slows down.

AQUARIUS: Old friends, new friends, old interests, new interests: this is a time of preparation for big changes to come. It is an incubation period, a long incubation. You can feel the vibe but can’t quite articulate it, yet. Don’t be impatient. You’re making connections and exposing yourself to new ideas. This is all part of the process.

PISCES: From far out wacky ideas to practical considerations, you are all over the map. This is good, stretch your imagination, reach for it, whatever it is. The mystical and magical are right up your alley, but these days you have your feet planted firmly on the ground. You encounter the unusual and unexpected as you tool around town. Remain flexible.