Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: February 15 to 29, 2024

Aries: You continue to expand your network, forging connections with those in power. Friends are helpful when hidden truth bubbles to the surface. This may be something you have been avoiding and stuffed away in the basement of your being. Whatever it is, it needs to be dealt with. No worries, you will clear the air and maintain physical, mental, and emotional health.

Taurus: You take care of business and all your professional duties with ease during this period. You make some serious connections that may help you in the future. It is not all business with you. The Full Moon period brings with it some much needed socializing with friends and coworkers. Spring is not here yet but there is something new in the air.

Gemini: You shift gears, bringing what you have been mulling over out into the open air. Conversations with friends and family help you to clarify the feelings and ideas you have been dealing with. Someone close to home offers some sound advice. This is all well and good but your solutions come from your own feelings and intellect.

Cancer: A fascination with the hidden and taboo leads to exploring subjects and people with whom you are unfamiliar. This is the time for you to lead with your mind, not your emotions. While this may be a challenge for you, think of it as an exercise to sharpen your instincts. Conversations with a wise and worldly friend will help immensely.

Leo: Relationships continue to be an issue. Conversation is the key to understanding. Some convos may be pleasant while others make your temperature rise. Either way you will discover that some folks in your life do not value what you value. This can be material, but mostly it is on the spiritual level. You want more than what meets the eye.

Virgo: You focus on your health and wellbeing, physical as well as spiritual. Exercise and healthy foods are only part of it. What makes you feel good? Identify what it is that feeds your soul and bring it into your life more frequently. Work towards precision and perfection but don’t beat yourself up if you fall short. Making the effort is what counts.

Libra: You express yourself in a way that truly reflects who you are. You’ve hit a hidden vein in your psyche that reveals your true self and allows you to articulate it. Some of this results from the inner dialogue you have with yourself. Now is the time to get all of that inner “stuff” out in the open air. You are having fun doing this, so keep going.

Scorpio: Friends and social contacts beckon you out to socialize and mingle with many people. While you enjoy this, you would much prefer to entertain at home or simply stay home with family and remain in familiar surroundings. You may feel like spiffing up your personal space a bit. Decorating advice from friends proves valuable.

Sagittarius: Your schedule continues to be busy. You engage with coworkers, friends, family and neighbors – almost nonstop. You’re up for it and feel comfortable in the public eye. There are some home base responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Make repairs and adjustments as needed, neglecting them now will only cost you down the line.

Capricorn: While you are taking care of business on a daily basis you feel the call to head off into the unknown. Responsibilities may keep you close to home but that does not prevent you from dreaming and planning for the time when you can take that much needed break. This is the time to plant the seed for that and make plans as you go along.

Aquarius: A great deal of energy remains in the Aquarius sector of the Zodiac. Utilize your energy and social skills to take advantage of this energy. You initiate as well as attract contact with people, events, and ideas. You sense something new on the horizon, but can’t quite see it or articulate it. Patience – wait, see, and keep exploring.

Pisces: Friends provide you with intellectual stimulation as well as some lively social, sporting, and cultural events. You are having a lot of fun but you do not neglect your daily responsibilities. While you can be mystical and dreamy, these days your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Dreams with a practical basis work out for you.