Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes Jan 15 – February 4

Aries: Your focus is on plans for the future as you reach or revise your goals in life. You may get that raise you’ve been angling for or simply get the recognition you have earned. Friends point you in a new direction money wise and also introduce you to a romantic interest — a person from a different background than your own.

Taurus: You attract a lot of positive attention during this period. Your concentration is on your public life and career as someone in authority gives you a great review. While things run smoothly at home, you need to create a balance between your public needs and private needs. An aggressive friend prods you into assertiveness. Stand firm.

Gemini: Gemini’s busy as usual, but something is going on that takes you out and beyond your usual routine. From the hundreds of details the big picture emerges, opening your mind to the possibilities. Consider your options. You’re beginning a period where all your relationships are being tested. The worthwhile ones will last.

Cancer: Some serious talk about finances and health issues occupy your time. You are doing some serious thinking yourself, digging into your own psyche trying to figure out who and what you are and where you stand. A group of like-minded friends offers support and good advice. Take care of yourself first. Nurture yourself.  

Leo: Personal relationships occupy your thoughts and take a lot of your energy. A lot of conversation going on, this is a good time to mend fences and cement ties. A casual romance gets serious or a new romance with someone well-established is possible. Someone in a position of authority gets your hackles up. Be diplomatic.

Virgo: While your working relationships are running smoothly, some of your more personal relationships are hitting a few snags. Be sure you are seeing these people as they really are, not as you would like them to be. Pay attention to how your emotional state impacts your physical well-being. You are looking for spiritual truths.

Libra: You let your inner child come out to play during this period. You are creative and express your unique talents in your own unique way.  Your social life expands as you widen your circle of friends. Romance and money-making opportunities emerge as you make the social rounds. An unusual relationship brings some serious thinking.

Scorpio: What you need, what makes you feel secure, and what is your personal bedrock are the questions you are asking yourself these days.  Part of this is triggered by financial concerns, but the issues go much deeper than that. You’ll figure it out as you come up with unique solutions to everyday problems. A promotion or some public recognition helps with the financial issue. Sports, athletics and romance bring in the fun.

Sagittarius: Life is hectic as you’re busy with the serious as well as the fun stuff. You may be shouldering some heavy responsibilities as you come to the realization that you cannot continue the way you have been. Some changes in your daily life are in order — diet, exercise and general mode of working. You see the big picture and get creative with solutions.     

Capricorn: The focus may be on finances, but there’s a lot going on underneath all that surface stuff. You are clearing out and getting rid of people and things that no longer serve you. This may take a while, so take your time and get it right. You’re figuring out what is truly important to you. Some of the answers will surprise you.

Aquarius: It’s new you time, Aquarius, as you try out new clothes, new hairstyles and a new way of being, acting and relating. Helpful significant others in your life come along and give you a boost. Old friends prove their worth. Be flexible as unexpected upsets disrupt your daily routine.

Pisces: You need physical activity as well as spiritual, contemplative quiet time during this period. It is hard to juggle these two very pressing needs. A walk in nature may serve both as you soak up some earth energy. This combination gives you some intuitive answers. Listen to that intuition. Proof comes when an outside authority validates you.